Added On: November 12, 2017 4:46 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
I am calling him Sarcadeon( the Large Snake of Snake Mtn) only because Serpos stole his Name/spot/however you want to view it. Didnt want to waste the name, and since his look was so different from the original King Hssss, I view him as another Major Lt. of the Unnamed One, (on par with King Hssss, Lady Slither, and Lord Gr'asp) or as a ally of the the Demon Snake Lord, Ka. The thing about this guy is his look and color changes from pic to pic thru out the comic, two major looks i felt. Mine has a taller head but felt like it goes with this character. Recipe- Head is from a fodder dino guy if found, Slush head body, arms(cut out except with Rattlors forearms), Buzz Off Armor ,Snake face loin, and Serpentine King Hssss legs. The cape comes from Chief Carnivus, I took the belt buckle from a chief carnivus loin and glued it on the pendent part of the cape, i also added on a snake men logo to his belt buckle. The neck needed a better transition so i cut out the neck piece of a Battleground King Hsssssssss Armor. Staff comes from Mike McEvil. I also gave him a casted UNO Spell Blast from the Karak Nul.
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