Horde Lord
Added On: February 9, 2018 4:48 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Horde Lord- Many might ask who is this, well if you read the horde empire map bio that came with King heman ( i believe) it reads as followsHorde Empire (from Map) - Tyrannical Galactic RulersIn the heavily populated outer systems of the Eternian Dimension, the Democratic Alliance was set up to enforce the trade routes and keep the peace. All of this changed the day Seferus Kur came to power and founded the Horde Empire. Calling himself the Horde Lord, he and his sons used technology and newly discovered magic to unnaturally extend the lives of those they commanded. Ruling the galaxy through terror and fear for many centuries, Seferus’ sons used black spells to assassinate their father, and the eldest son Anillis claimed Hordeworld’s throne for himself. To secure his rule, the newly dubbed Horde Prime sent his scheming younger brother roar away on a foolish crusade of revenge. Eventually, the Earth/Eternian Twin Warriors invaded Horde World and in a climactic battle, ended the Horde Empire’s rule using the Power of Grayskull.I began thinking of way intoducing the father of the Hordes most powerful siblings, Taking nods from multiple media sources DC52 comics, uk twins of powers issue, He-ros bio, The concept of the horde from in and some info from the MOTUC continunity This is how i magined who he wasThe original concept art depicted the Horde Leech Bats on their chest as living creatures that attached themselves in the concept art for the Horde. I always imagined that this was a way of controlling the minds of their subjects, some with total control, others (like leech, manteena, grizzlor,etc) allowing for their own free will to control their actions but with total commitment to the horde. Now taking nod from the DC52 Comics, Hordak was seen as a power vampire enslaving millions and reusing their "shells" as vessels for his Horde Troopers. Well combining 2 ideas together, what if those Horde Leech bats, when attached, infected them with the techno organic virus, turning them into Horde Troopers while siphoning of their soul energy to Horde Lord, Horde Prime, Hordak, and his other chosen few, extending their lives indefinitely and combining black magic with technology.Again referring to the DC52 comics, There was one panel wich refered to Hordak slaying his father, and keeping head as as a Trophey, that head becoming the Skull of Power, which played a big role in the DC comics, having mystically powers and corrupting individuals. Now in their its depicted That Horde prime is the father, but it came out before the Horde Map, there for you can always change it to Horde Lord, to fit it in to all of this. Also in this panel, Horde Prime looks like the action figure we got but his head is the same color as Hordak, which made me think of ideas in actually designing this figure.The other influence i took from the DC52 comics was the way they depicted Hordak, the all white body, as a design for who Horde Lord is, and the primal form of Horokoth, putting influences on his design.In regards to a backstory, I always wanted him to be a former Cosmic Warrior, adding to the ranks of them, since we know from, He-ros bio there were more then one that used the Sword of He. If when his time as cosmic warrior was up, or if the overlords felt like the power was corrupting him, taking away the sword of he to prevent universal damage. Taking what he learned as a Cosmic Warrior, he combined it with Technology his race was known for to create The Horde, Techno organic virus, and the everlasting life for his horde and sons. You could also tie in the Third Sword of Power, that he was able to locate a meteorite similar to the one that was used to create the Sword of He, as weapon that could be used to combat it.I hope you like some of the ideas i came up with for Horde Lord, for his origins and ideas of how he created the Horde Empire, and the custom i made is based on combinations of ideas from different medias, but until we get an official picture of this guy from Mattel, this is what i came up with.Recipe: I used a Prahvus Buck, Batros biceps, one Ninjor and one Mighty Spector Forearm, and Demoman hands. I used a Count Marzo Loin, as well Dactus Legs, and feet, with Horde Prime boots. I attached a SSM Horde symbol to the center of his belt, and gave him Faceless one armor that i took the shoulder pads off, cut out the tabs and gave him a leech horde armband on the side without Prahvus's Shoulder Guard. Finally i added a FFM Horde symbol to the center of the Faceless Ones armor. Now for the Head I was wanting to do the red Horde Prime head , and was going to give Horde prime and white skulled Horde Prime head, but found a cool head online Skeladak, A combo of Skeletor and Hordak. Not saying this is the best choice for a head but different from the rest and an older version of the Horde heads. Now for a weapon, I wanted either the third sword of power or the sword of horokoth , but since both are not availible right now i found this in a fodder lot which i thought looked cool.
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