Morgoth the Terrible
Added On: March 5, 2018 10:10 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Morgoth the terrible: I gotta admit the character design of this character is preatty boring although his story i always loved. Whenever designing a figure i always try to use as many MOTUC parts as possible, and since certain parts to create this buy dont exist (long male skirt piece, 3/4 length sleeves) Consider this "Battleground" Morgoth, for the purist out there. Also just as a tidbit of info i feel should be made aware, Evil-lyns staff is one of the 5 staffs known to have absorbed the power of the Starseed (from the Keldor minicomic), well the wand that Morgoth (in the episode "Origin of the Socereress") has looks exactly her wand, so one could speculate that since Morgoth was from the time of the Ancients, that that staff was once his (making her magic even more powerful). It should also be noted that after Morgoth's possession of the staff, Darkdream came into its possession, because he then gave it to Evil-lyn some time before the episode he appeared in "Eternal Darkness", and warned her that if she couldnt handle its power he would take the wand back from her. The other interesting thing about this episode is that it says that he sought more power that any mortal should, and he became a giant, immortal, and was banished by the Ancients in a Prison Zone (presumably the Nameless dimension with Shgora and the Unnamed One). He also had a book in possession which he read from and granted him this power, and the one book in my mind that could have granted him that power is the Book of Evil. Maybe he had some hand in writing part of the book, or released some of its power into him, but in the end he became such a threat that the ANCIENTS had to imprison him, so i envision him as a major threat to Eternia. Anyway the Recipe- I used a Seahawk buck with Marzo arms, EP King Randor legs, PE Eternia loin, and Demoman armor. I used Evil-lyn staff recolored, and a Casted Necronoicom from the evil dead from Karaknul. The head is an Casted Aquaman Head from
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