Dark Dream
Added On: March 29, 2018 4:25 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Darkdream- he was a pretty easy custom to make, I like being accurate in holding true to what the original design was, but like morgoth, he leaves me a bit underwhelmed. Not showing his hands, one color, no weapon, i feel like this is a character, that put through a classizer lense, would look something like this, not really departing too much from the original just adding a bit more, as well as helping to maybe, flesh out details from his past. When I first saw him in the filmation series, i loved the character immediately. His Powers, his power over Evil-lyn, Tavor, his past, i wanted more from him. I had explained in my Morgoth custom, the linage of his staff went from Morgoth, to Darkdream,to Evil-lyn, with Darkdream threatening to take the wand back if Evil-lyn couldnt complete her task. When the 200x cartoon came out the second the Horde Wraiths came out , I immediately thought of Darkdream, thinking he might be one of them. If he ever gets made officially by Super 7, i hope his bio tied him to the Horde Wraiths some how. I seem to remember in the Horde wraith motuc support pagek people were saying there were actually 4 Wraiths marching with Hordak towards Castle Grayskulls but only 3 were used to cast the spell of Seperation and the spell of Despondos( The DC Eternity Comics had an army in there) and Darkdream escaped getting sucked into the portal because he was performing another task for Hordak, Then free from his influence he was able to use his new powers to become an independent villian. Recipe- Head comes from Orsogranito Customs, the rest is a Horde Wraith, I took the two shoulder pads i took off my Horde Lord Custom Armor, and attached it to a EP King Randor Robe. Gave him the staff of Morgoth, cause of his lineage with the staff but probably give him the weapons pak one since i have no one else to give it to.
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