3 horde Invaders
Added On: May 5, 2018 3:58 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
"In the Name of the Horde Empire, We claim Eternia under the command of Horde Prime, Supereme Ruler of the Horde. All those who oppose him shall perish!"I have been wanting to do these guys for a really long time, and i want to take the time to thank Eternal Customs for finally putting the last piece of the puzzle together for me by making these heads. I actuall had the bodies done before the heads. Now in regards to these characters, Ferros was always considered a rat, Repta a Snakeman, and Rachney a spider. Ferros had a typical MOTUC Male build, while Repta had a Slimmer Build, and Rachney had a thicker build. While i couldnt find a Thicker build for Rachney, I felt like Using the slimmer lizard man buck for Repta made him closer to what we saw in the cartoon. But they were all very matchy matchy in regards to their look, the only thing that really deviated was Rachney had his bare feet, and Ferros the Epaulets (prob to show rank,besides their builds) so rather then trying to make them exactly as they appeared in the cartoon, I put them through the Classizer Lense, gave them each a different skin tone and a bit of a different look from one another, but definitely holding on to many of aspects to the individuality. Onto the recipesFerros: Used a Standor buck and Biceps,with Skeletor forearms and hands, PE Heman loin, Dekker Legs and Hordak feet, HH Hordak armor and Head from Eternal Customs. Made the epaulets from fodder shoulder pads and used a BG Teela pistol.Repta: Used a Lizardman everything, drilled a small hole and attached a SMS Horde symbol on the with head from Eternal Customs. Horde Flag Banner from Mike McEvils.Rachney: Used a Skeletor buck with arms and legs, HH armor and Boots, Skeletor feet, and Dekker loin, Head from Eternal Customs, BG Teela pistol
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