3 terrors
Added On: January 6, 2019 7:17 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
the 3 terrors- led by King Heltor the 3 terrors helped him conquer eternia a 1000 years ago. From the New Super7 filmation style cartoon- these 3 characters got vintage action figures already. Went for their MOTUC counterparts, here are their recipesTerror Wolf- Made him the leader of the 3 gave him a bigger spider, I used a chief carnivus buck, with carnivus arms, but mutant leader wrist bands, molarr loin cloth, and jackalman legs, and armor, with spider, and weapon and head from heart and steel.Terror Jackal- made him more shamanistic then the rest, used a jackalman buck and arms with merman loin and grizzlor belt, i cut off the mask and added his spider to that, and used carnivus legs and feet, batros boots, head and weapon from heart and steel, and necklace from a wwe papa shango figure.Terror Bat- Used a palace guard buck and legs, jackalman loin, batros biceps and hands, icer forearms, snake face boots and feet, head and weapon from heart and steel. Used the steppenwolf bandolier where i placed his spider symbol and a spider web shoulder guard from orsogranitio shapeways store.
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