Eye-Lash, Evil Mistress of Torture Original Character
Added On: October 23, 2013 1:40 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classic
To see more of this custom, visit ---> Custom Eye-Lash Action FigureThe design and concept for Eye-Lash was created completely by Joe Martin. He had entered it into the 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics Create-A-Character Contest. Sadly it did not win, so he came to me to realize his creation in action figure form. I used a Masters of the Universe Classics Catra as the base. I had to resculpt the head, giving her the giant single eyeball and sculpting her hair and fusing it with hair from a movie Invisible Woman figure. For the actual eyelashes, I actually used a pair of fake eyelashes carefully glued into place and trimmed to fit. The hands are Catra’s hands combined with the fingers from a NECA Aliens Xenomorph. Each finger also has a bendable wire so they’re fully poseable! The eyeballs all over her body are made from small beads. Her choker, and the emblems on her gauntlets and boots are made from styrene. The whip is made from the handle of an axe in my fodder bin, and all 9 of the whips are thick fabric thread knotted at the end with beads attached to each painted to look like eyeballs. Everything was painted using Mr. Martin’s design as my guide, and that’s it! Eye-Lash is ready to fight for the Evil Horde, and a very fond Masters of the Universe fan is made happy. Check my website for lots more pics and a full bio written up by Joe Martin himself.
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