Added On: March 21, 2011 3:21 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: He-Man (The New Adventures)

This is my 50th custom so I decided to go all out on it to celebrate. His tally chart on the blackboard totals 50 as a little tribute to my customizing milestone. I also added the slime on the base as a nod to some of the old 80s toys that were obsessed with slime. After I'd finished it I found some LEDs and thought, why not?, you're only 50 once. Anyhoo, here's my recipe:

Base= DCUC Vigilante
Head=200x trapjaw, used hot glue to fill it in and create a peg hole.
Right arm and lower left and hand=200x trapjaw.
Right torso=200x trapjaw, dremmel to fit and sculpt in the gaps.
Crotch piece= 200x trapjaw, dremmel to fit
Upper legs=200x trapjaw green things, foamy, sculpt and wire.
Kneepads=200x trapjaw
Lower legs= sculpt and wire
Feet and ankle joint= DCUC Black suit supes, to eliminate paint rub.
Belt=WCW Championship belt, face off a hero quest skeleton, sculpt and wire.

Weapons= Easily but firmly slot into gun arm
Claw hand= Bionicle lego
Gun hand = some random cheap gun
Crossbow hand= think it's GI Joe
Wrecking ball hand= Knockoff Joe Bazooka, piece of chain, piece of some sunglasses to attach chain and a foam ball
Sword hand= Dunno
Saw hand= Bionicle lego
Flamethrower effect= ghostrider projectile

Base was inspired by Bobtheodd's excellent Trapjaw's arsenal, cheers bob. I left a few spaces for extra weapons I'll probably make in the future.
Gremlins Mohawk back
Figure packaging
Xbox live subscription case
Sculpt used epoxy repair putty and didn't get on with it too well plus it smells real bad.
Pieces of plastic sprue from an old airfix kit
Lantern from TMNT sewer playset
Plastic wheel
Random fodder for his spare parts box
SMC Tarantula crate
Some hero quest skulls
MIG welding wire
Battery assembly from a ghostrider gun
9 Volt battery
2 White LEDS in the Lantern
1 Green LED to light the slime

Painted with Games workshop paints and sealed with Satin sealer.

Don't think I left anything out :-). I loved working on this one and can't wait to sink my teeth into more MOTU.

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