Added On: March 21, 2011 3:27 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: He-Man (The New Adventures)

Another one that hasn't taken me months to complete, here's my Mekaneck. Really enjoyed working on heman and decided to do a few more, well I say a few but this is the last till I find more 200x stuff. Interesting thing about this one is that there is hardly any sculpting material on there at all, this wasn't done by design just kind of a fluke and after I'd nearly finished I had to break out the sculpt to fill in where I dremmeled too much of the boot tops, and decided to fill in peg holes too.

Base = DCU Deathstroke

Head and neck assembly = 200x Mekaneck, a lot of work went into this bit, all of the top half of his back is made of foam to keep the weight down and prevent top heavyness (?????).

Shoulders and chest piece = 200x Mekaneck

Forearms and hands = 200x Mekaneck, the tops of his gauntlet things are foamy

Belt = foamy

Skirt = old tshirt cut into strips and glued on

Knees and lower legs = some Cyclops in a shiny metal suit??

Kneepads = 200x Mekaneck

Boots = Cyclops feet given the old tshirt treatment and the robotic bits and tops from 200x. small amount of fixit.

Extending neck = Doc octopus tentacles glued together and a plastic rod to hold it in place in the neck hole.

Painted with Games workshop paints

Gave him a gun I think off a transformer for two reasons one I think a pistol is more menacing than a silly mace thing and two I couldn't be bothered to make a silly mace thing.

Neck works on a peg and hole system and extends the height of the figure to 15".

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