Added On: March 21, 2011 3:29 am
Community Series: He-Man (The New Adventures)

Here's my He-Man the most powerful man in the Universe. I found a heman figure cheap and thought why not it's about time I delve into other childhood cartoons (the Thundercats aren't over yet though hahaha). I used Jin Soatome awesome He-man for most of my visual reference on this one as I'm not at all familiar with this era. Wanted a mix of the two though old and new.

Base - DCU Superman

Head - 200x heman

Wrists and hands - 200x heman

Knees, lower legs and shoes - Falcon, feet wrapped in strips of an old tshirt retaining all articulation in Falcon foot and 200x heman boot tops dremmeled to fit.

Loin cloth and belt - 200x Heman

Harness - scratch build with foamy, fixit, wire and some round end cap of something or other.

Shield - Radar dish glued into a bionicle piece and a handle off a TMNT sucker pad. Foamy, wire and fake pearl for the detail. It also has straps on the inside to hold his weapons.

Sword - Blade is off an unknown sword spliced onto a McDonalds happy meal toy handle, a lot of cutting and filing done to the hilt to make it look at least presentable

Axe - Narnia Minatour

Mace - added just for fun from a Monsieur Bome She devil.

Painted with Citadel paint, a whole ton of glue shielding and sealed with Citadel satin varnish purity shield

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