Prince Adam of the Horde
Added On: December 10, 2012 2:18 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics

Alternate Reality Concept Figure: Prince Adam of the Horde

The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra are turned upside-down when Shadow Weaver casts a spell that re-writes history. In her newly created reality it is Adam who has been kidnapped and raised by the Horde. After nearly being destroyed in a battle against Queen Angella and King Randor of Etheria, Adam has been resurrected using Horde magic and science. Now heavily armed with Horde weapons, Adam is set to invade the only world in the galaxy not ruled by the Horde..Etheria!

This figure is made from: Prince Adam "angry" head; Horde Prime buck; Roboto weapons attatchments; weapons pack black Power Sword; and a lot of sculpting of the cybernetic parts with "Green Stuff" modeling resin. Paints are Citadel paints, with a thin varnish. Featured on eBay, it sold in 30 minutes. I am currently making another one.

This was my first figure I created.

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