KELEDOR: Leader of the Great Rebellion
Added On: August 8, 2013 5:26 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics

5th in the Revocation Spell Series- KELEDOR: Leader of the Great Rebellion

The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra are thrown into chaos when Shadow Weaver casts a Revocation Spell that re-writes history! Keledor was once Hordak’s top operative, leading Horde armies in conquests of many worlds. But after breaking the mind control spell Queen Shadow Weaver had put on him as a boy, Keledor was captured and tortured by the Horde. He soon escaped captivity from Eternia’s Fright Zone, and formed an alliance with several members of the Great Rebellion, an underground group of warriors determined to release Eternia from Hordak’s grip. After an ambush in Subternia by Force Captain Lizzz Ard, Duncan, the Rebellion’s leader, was killed. Taking on the role of the Rebellion’s new leader, Keledor fights against Hordak with the weapons of fallen warriors, and knowledge of the Horde! He wears the shackles of his imprisonment as a reminder of his duty to bury the Horde forever!

This figure was made Keldor head and torso; Man-At-Arms armor (modified with sculpted elements), helmet, and mace; Dekker legs and boots; Vykor loincloth and forearms with chains; Chief Carnivous shiled and sword; Preternia Disguise He-Man laser rifle; Grizzlor axe; and Skeltor loincloth.

I sculpted scar tissue on his chest, neck, face, and back.

Custom packaging complete with a Castle Grayskull figure stand and a bonus vintage Topps card pack is included!

This figure is primed, painted, and sealed using Citadel, Tamiya, Testors, and Plaid products.

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