KON-KER: Deadly Monster of the Dark Hemisphere
Added On: December 5, 2013 6:38 am
Community Series: He-Man (The New Adventures)


The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra are thrown into chaos when Shadow Weaver casts a Revocation Spell that re-writes history!

Once a member of the Great Rebellion under General Keledor, Kon Kero fought back the forces of the Horde with great skill. During a battle with the devious beauty Catra, he was struck with a bolt of magic from the powerful Gauntlet of Serpos! Lying near death at the edge of the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, Kon Kero began to transform into a dark beast of unimaginable terror. Taking flight on leathery wings, the once proud Rebel now stalks the Dark Hemisphere, preying on those who follow the Horde. His head is surrounded by horrific snakes that spray venom. His claws are strong enough to rip through any metal or rock,. And his arsenal of armor and weapons are used with deadly accuracy. He is able to summon great magic or contact magical beings with his mystical third-eye that also allows him to spy on his enemies by communicating with the beasts that roam the the Dark Hemisphere! No more an ordinary man...he is KON-KER!

KON-Ker comes complete with 2 broad swords, 1 super-sword, pose able wings, and bendable snakes in his head for posing!

KON-KER is hand-painted and washed with vibrant metallic paints.This figure was made from a Count Marzo head; McFarlane Toys Medusa snakes; Horns from Skeletor's Havoc Staff; Zodac buck; Demo-Man broad swords, legs, feet, and hands; Cy-Chop thighs; Grizzlor arms, biceps; Battle Armor Skeletor Armor; DC Universe Darkseid loincloth; Draego-Man Wings and holder; Halo Brute Major arm guards; DC Direct World of Warcraft Undead Rogue armor pieces and daggers; McFarlane Toys Mandarin Spawn Battle Swords; McFarlane Kobra King bendable snakes; and fully sculpted elements using Green Stuff.

Custom packaging with a bonus vintage Topps pack of cards and the He-Man/ She-Ra Christmas Special on DVD!

This figure is primed, painted, and sealed using Citadel, Tamiya, Testors, and Plaid products.

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