Ice Armor Dekker
Added On: February 18, 2014 1:27 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics

During the Great Unrest Dekker, an ex-mercenary from the Dunes of Doom joined King Miro in defeating Count Marzo. A master of weapons, Dekker inspired King Miro to appoint him Eternos Palace’s Man-At-Arms. When the Kulatak of the Ice Mountains begin to fear a shift in the powers of Eternia, they asked King Miro to appoint an ambassador to visit them to build new tactical defenses. Since the Kulatak lived in seclusion King Miro and Dekker kept the mission a secret out of respect for the ice dwellers. Before he left his journey, Dekker fashioned a suit of armor that would not only shield him from the frigid temperatures of the Ice Mountains, but would protect him should evil arise. Armed with special weapons, Dekker travels the snow-filled wasteland of Eternia.


Ice Armor Dekker comes with sword, arm guard/shield, machete, mace, and "ice-proof" helmet. This figure was made from a basic buck, long lion cloth, Icer arms and boots, Snake Man-At-Arms hands, Dekker head (young), Grizzlor weapons back pack, Grizzlor machete, Sir Laser Lot sword, NA He-Man armor, Optikk thighs and biceps, Halo Brute Major helmet, Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper belt pouch, and Icarius shield.


Custom packaging with a bonus vintage Topps pack of cards!!


This figure is primed, painted, and sealed using P3, Tamiya, Testors, and Plaid products.

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