FISTO-Steel-Fisted Vigilante
Added On: February 19, 2014 12:01 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics

The 8th in the Revocation Spell Series!

The worlds of He-Man and She-Ra are thrown into chaos when Shadow Weaver casts a Revocation Spell that re-writes history! Deep in the forest of the Kingdom of Brightmoon Malcom, an ex-lieutenant of the Horde, dwells. After being betrayed by Force Captain Keledor, and badly wounding his right arm, he retreated to the solace of the trees. He was found by Teela-Na, the daughter of Randor, King of Brightmoon. She brought him to the castle, and nursed him back to health. Using her knowledge of cybernetic technology, she crafted a robotic arm out of a metal called steel that was salvaged from a Earth ship that had crashed on Etheria many years ago. Making a deal with Randor, Malcom was appointed the kingdom’s new Man-At-Arms. But his hatred for the Horde and Keledor was stronger than his loyalty to his benefactors. He left the kingdom and set out to hunt down Keledor. Code-named Fisto, he uses his giant robotic arm, jet-powered boots, and mastery of weapons to work outside of the law to make the Horde meet his justice!

FISTO comes with an electronic Mace Rifle, Laser Sword, and Laser Shield.This figure was made from a Eternian Guard buck, Icarius boots, Eternian Guard armor, NA He-Man sword, NA He-Man Shield, Fisto head, 200x Man-At-Arms mace, and Strong-Or right arm.

Custom packaging with a bonus vintage Topps pack of cards and a Best of She-Ra DVD!

This figure is primed, painted, and sealed using P3, Tamiya, Testors, and Plaid products.

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