Valder - Warriors of Hyperborea
Added On: July 20, 2018 7:18 pm
Type: Figure Sculpt
Community Series: MOTU Classic

The power of the 80s is back!!!Hello everyone, my name is Walter De Marco. I am a huge fan of vintage action figures such as Masters of the universe and similar toy lines.

I`d like to share with you our work in progress - it is the first figure of the Warriors of Hyperborea line -: Valder, Heroic Barbarian Warrior.

Warriors of Hyperborea is an universe of neo-vintage action figures, scaled at 5.5-inches and inspired by the world of barbarians, sword & sorcery that was heavily popular during and the 80s.

The idea is to keep you updated about the characters development and the legendary world of Hyperborea through concept art, sculptures by Seba Dom (Heroic Sculptor), vintage-style illustrations (like the ones of box art and card back art) inspired by franchises we loved. We'd maybe even start a campaign through Kickstarter to possibly turn this world into reality in the future.

Thank you!!! 

3D Artist: Seba Dom (Art of Seba Dom)
Paintover: Walter De Marco

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