Horde Force Captain
Added On: February 11, 2017 10:55 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Modern

Hordak and Shadow Weaver waited for the arrival of Evil Lynn.  As she appeared Skeletor was right behind her.  He quickly blasted Shadow Weaver his Havoc Staff disposing of her.  Skeletor and Hordak ensued in a battle of magical dominance.  It was only when Skeletor was hit from a blast of energy from behind did Hordak gain the upper hand.  Skeletor assumed it had been a recovered Shadow Weaver not knowing it was indeed Evil Lynn.  Hordak showed no mercy and dismembered Skeletor brutally. 
      Days later Hordak was struggling on his next move.  He dare not invade Eternia without his most powerful allies at his side.  Though he had many Horde Generals, Despera's might could not be matched.  Aside from Hordak, his Hordesman fight the best with her at their helm.  Yet Hordak could not simply abandon their dominance over an all but conquered Etheria.  Struggling as he was it was finally the Shadow Weaver that had the solution Hordak needed.  Shadow Weaver presented the newest member of the Horde and the Secondary force captain to lead The Horde to Eternia.

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