The Conquest of Skeletor #1
Added On: April 21, 2013 7:21 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic
In the shadowy depths of Snake Mountain, the villains have been called upon for a special meeting. Skeletor asks in a sinister voice, "Do you know why you are here?" His henchmen look at eachother in wonder. Tri-klops takes a daring and cocky approach by remarking, "Let me guess, another brilliant idea that you think will result in victory, but of course, it doesn't" Skeletor doesn't take kindly to his hurtfully truthful joke. After an appropriate pause of scilence, Skeletor raises his Havoc Staff. A blast of red energy fires into Tri-klops' chest, pushing him into the wall behind him.Another appropriate pause goes by and Skeletor stands up. He looks down at Tri-klops with a furious scowl, "Is that enough Tri-klops?" Tri-klops now cowers in fear and stutters as he says "Yes your highness!" Skeletor scans the room as fear courses through the room. "Does anyone else have something to say?" he asks in his most intimidating voice. The other villains complimented him and begged for mercy. Skeletor sat down as he tapped the armrest with his fingers."Tri-klops, you have lost your privledges to lead the attack. Trap Jaw! You will lead the attack." Trap Jaw grinned as he replied "Yes Skeletor!" Skeletor peered into his henchmen's eyes. "Now listen! This plan can't possibly fail!" He yelled as he laughed a menacing laugh.Later at the Eternian Palace, Adam is relaxing in the throne room. He leaned against a wall with his arms crossed as he and Man-at-arms talked to eachother. "I can't beleive that bonehead hasn't showed up yet." Adam said in a cocky tone. Teela walked in the room and replied by saying "That guy is so unpredictable."Man-at-arms took the responsible approach and said, "Well we should most definetly stay alert. He is sure to attack anytime now."Just that second, the door busted open with a crash. Sure enough, Skeletor stomped into the room and grinned as he looked at Man-at-arms with his peircing red eyes and said "Right you are Man-at-arms!"He lunged forward to attack. Meanwhile at Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress in speaking with Zoar. "I sense a disturbence Zoar... but what." Outside, Trap Jaw rallied his troops, ready for the attack on Grayskull. Tri-klops used his laser eye beam to cut open the door. As they all entered, the Sorceress stood in their way. "Stop! You are not welcome to this place!" she scolded.Jitsu karate chopped her in the stomache so hard that she fell to her knees in pain. He then karate chopped her in the side of her head. She was passed out cold on the floor. "Bring her back to Snake Mountain! She will be dealt with later!" Trap Jaw ordered, enjoying his so far victory.Fangman, Beastman, and Strongarm carried her off and threw her into the Roton headed for Snake Mountain. Through all the chaos, Zoar flew off succesfully escaping and desperately looking for help. Meanwhile at the palace Skeletor attacks Man-at-arms and Teela. Adam is in the hall where he can't be seen. He looks both ways, making sure he is unseen. He raises up his power sword and yells "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!! I HAVE THE POWER!!!" In a flash of lightning, the cowardly and weak Adam is transformed into the brave and battle hardened He-Man. He rushes into the room and throws a punch at Skeletor's face. He immediately crumples to the ground. He-Man ignores his suspicous feelings and grabs Skeletor. "It's over Skeletor!" In minutes, he is being led into the dungeon by fifty palace guards, all aware of Skeletor's evil reputation. On the side, He-Man and Man-at-arms have a conversation. "Something does'nt feel right Duncan... he gave up way too easily. Something is up." He-Man stated. "You're right." Man-at-arms admitted "I'll keep an eye on him myself along with these palace guards.Dekker, who led the line of palace guards shoved Skeletor into his cell made of the hardest metal in Eternia. Meanwhile at Castle Grayskull, the villains split up in search of the source of Grayskull's power. Spikor and Mer-Man find a blue orb in a room. On the walls of the room are blue crystals, hanging like ice. "We found it! The orb of Grayskull!" Mer-Man rants, catching the attention of all of the evil warriors. "Nicely done Mer-Man. Evil-Lyn! Transfer it!" Trap Jaw orders. Evil-Lyn shoves her way through the crowd of villains. She starts chanting a strange and most unfamiliar spell. With her witchcraft and majestic skill, she finished the spell in about a half an hour. Meanwhile at the palace dungeon, Skeletor feels something. "Yes! YES! I feel the power coursing through me!" he yelled, his red eyes glowing in the dark cell. "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!! I HAVE THE POWER!!!" he bellowes. Outside Leutenant Brown, a palace guard yells "Hey! What is going on in there!"Skeletor breaks the bars made of the strongest metal on the planet with ease and steps out of his cell. Before the palace gaurds had even a chance to attack, Skeletor summons a blast of lightning from his fingers and all of the palace guards lay lifeless on the floor. He-Man sprints in the room and looks in horror at the palace guards on the ground. "Skeletor you monster!" he yells. Skeletor walks down the hall towards He-Man, stepping on bodies along the way, resulting in yells of agony from the injured guards. In rage He-Man threw a punch that would crack an ordinary man's skull into pieces. But Skeletor grabbed his wrist with ease. He-Man paused in suprise. Then Skeletor twisted his wrist. He-Man yelled in pain. Skeletor head butted him and He-Man fell to his knees. Skeletor kicked him with all of his might right in the face. He-Man's vision got blurry. Faker then rushed into the room. Skeletor pointed at He-Man and bellowed in crazed power, “Watch over him and watch over him well Faker! I have plans for him. He needs to see failure with his own eyes, as I have countless times. But I will take what he cares about most… the people of Eternia!!!" THE END! WILL THE MASTERS SURVIVE? WHAT WILL BECOME OF GRAYSKULL? WILL SKELETOR WIN? FIND THE ANSWERS TO THESE AND MORE IN ISSUE TWO OF… THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE
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