The Conquest of Skeletor #2
Added On: April 21, 2013 9:03 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic
WEEKS AFTER THE EVENTS OF ISSUE #1...He-Man blinks as his eyes adjust to the bright light gleaming in his eyes. He is chained to a wall and isn't aware where exactly he is. He then sees Faker who is typing away at a computer labled "SECURITY". Faker peers up at him and doesn't look suprised. He turns back to his computer and turns on an intercom."He is awake Captain." He says. Minutes later, a horrid stench seeped through into the room, making He-Man gag. Then Stinkor walked in and grinned at He-Man. His armor had been updated with a high-tech look and some new gadgets."Welcome to my stronghold He-Man." He remarked, gesturing for He-Man to look around. "Sinse when did you gain any authority." He-Man said as he gagged on the horrible smell in the room. "When you and The Masters failed, all of the evil warriors got to rule miles and miles of land on Eternia. I got to rule thise village that you are in. That He-Man is how I gained authority!" Stinkor replied matter-o-factly.He-Man was in total awe. He then remembered the last time he was conscious.He thought to himself, "How could this be? I always win. I'm always fast enough, always strong enough. How could this be?" He repeated these thoughts in his head and realized that he had to get out of here and save Eternia. Stinkor laughed, "How does it feel He-Man? To be... hopeless. Like a powerless fly in a giant spider's web!" He-Man ignored him and tried to strategize. He was chained by his wrists to the wall. "What kind of metal is this?" he thought. It was iron. He-Man grinned as his plan developed. "Nice try Stinkor, but I think I should be going." He yanked with all of his might at the chains holding him there. As he did it, two explosions went off. "Of course! It was a trap! Stinkor anticipated my escape and connected bombs to the chains!" He-Man thought. Throught the smoke, He-Man could just make out the shape of some knights in blue armor coming after him. As they lifted him up, He-Man punched the knight on his left, knocking him down. He kicked the one on the right in the shin, making him fall to his knees. Then he uppercut him in the head. He-Man advanced toward Stinkor who was obviously scared. "Faker!" Stinkor called in fear. Faker reacted fast and swung his big orange axe. He-Man dodged the attack. Faker swung his axe again like a crazed lumberjack.He-Man dodged again and jabbed Faker in the face. As Faker tried to recover from the blow, He-Man uppercut him in the face. Faker fell to the ground, but hopped back up fast. He swung his axe and this time cut He-Man's shoulder. He-Man kicked Faker and he fell back into the computers. He-Man hit him with a haymaker and part of his skin ripped off, showing his robot face. Faker punched He-Man in the face and He-Man fell back. Faker swung his axe and just skimmed He-Man's leg. Faker then kicked He-Man in the chest, throwing him back. Faker swung his fist, hoping for a final blow, but He-Man grabbed his wrist and punched Faker in the face, knocking him out cold.He-Man walked over to Stinkor, who now looked like the most cowardly captain that He-Man had ever seen. He punched the wall right next to Stinkor's head and asked fiercly, "Where are the other Masters?" Stinkor said "I'll never tell!" He then quickly dodged and threw a smoke bomb right at He-Man's feet. As the fumes grew, Stinkor took advantage. He kicked He-Man in the knee, punched him in the face, then hid in the smoke. He-Man was frustrated after about thirty seconds of being helplessly ambushed. Then he finally blocked Stinkor's attack from behind and finally landed a punch, knocking Stinkor back. The smoke started to clear as he lifted Stinkor up and punched him in the face. "Do you have any Masters inprisoned here?" he asked angrily. Stinkor lifted up a smoke bomb but He-Man grabbed his wrist and head butted him."I said do you have any Masters inprisoned here?!" He-Man yelled. "In the room to the left!" Stinkor said frantically in fear. He-Man threw Stinkor down to the floor and walked out into the main hall. In the room Stinkor spoke of, Dekker was chained just like He-Man was, his head down and aqua jacket tattered."He-Man!" Dekker yelled suprised. "I'm going to get you out of here." He-Man reassured.He scanned the room for resources and found an axe, a sword, and a laser gun on a metal table. He-Man cut the chains with the axe, and gave Dekker the sword and the gun. "Thanks for the save He-Man." Dekker said thankfully. "Anytime." He-Man said. They ran into the room where Stinkor was and were suprised to see him by the security computer. He punched some keys and took a secret escape which shut behind him. Dekker and He-Man tried to use the escape, but couldn't activate it. They then heard "Self destruct in thirty seconds." They looked at eachother and sprinted out into the hall. "25, 24, 23, 22" they heard over the intercome. They ran through the halls for their lives. They could finally see the front door as they heard "7, 6, 5, 4" They kicked the front door open and ran down the hill where the fort sat. Dekker stared as the stronghold behind them exploded in a rage of fire.He-Man was focused on something else. "Dekker, look!" he encouraged. The village below was dark and dreary. Industrial smoke filled the air and civilians worked like slaves. "Wow." was all that Dekker could muster up. Then something cought his eye. Stinkor ran to the town below. Dekker aimed his laser gun and fired. The laser miraculously hit Stinkor in the leg, making him crumple to the ground. He-Man picked him up and made his way to town. "Fair citizens! Stinkor has been defeated!" He-Man yelled as he threw Stinkor to the ground as he yelled in pain. "You are now free again!" He yelled. The crowd of people dropped what they were working on and applauded and screamed for the two heroes. Dekker picked up Stinkor and asked "Where are the other Masters?" Stinkor quivered in fear and replied "I don't know! All I know is that Icer has Stratos in the nearby Ice Mountains!" Dekker threw him to the town jail. The two heroes then slept in a cabin that night provided by the villagers and rested for the fight with Icer tommorow. THE END SEE ISSUE #3 FOR THE BATTLE IN THE ICE MOUNTAINS
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