The Conquest of Skeletor #3
Added On: April 23, 2013 9:20 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic
ONE DAY AFTER ISSUE #2...Dekker picked up the white, snowbeast fur coat that was a gift from one of the villagers. He slipped his arms into the tender warm sleeves. He looked in the mirror at himself. He had hair as gray as stone and an eye patch covering a nasty scar. With that he had a flashback. Just about fifteen years ago, Dekker, Prince Randor, Prince Keldor, and Leutenant Duncan were on a quest. King Miro sent them to retreive the Chalace of Eternia, a lost artifact of Eternia. After an epic journey through forests and mountains, they walked with the chalice back to the old palace. In the Vine Jungle, they were attacked by a clan of shadow beasts. Dekker had been attacked first and the shadow beast clawed his eye out. He barely survived the encounter. He retired being a Man-at-arms and gave the responsibility to Duncan. Now Dekker shoved those horrid memories away. He turned to his companion, He-Man, and asked, "How do you expect to go to the Ice Mountains in a loincloth and a gauntlet?" He-Man grinned and replied, "I think I got that covered." he raised up his sword and his armor turned into ice armor. He had a white cape and tall, furry boots. His armor had ice hanging from it. They walked out of the log cabin with their weapons. The villagers clapped and wished them good luck. They walked to the Ice Mountains and saw excactly what they knew they would see. It was a towering mountain of rugged ice and snow. At the top sat a blue palace made of ice. They went about their bussiness, climbing and basically ignoring eachother. They rested on a cliff and ate some sandwiches given to them by villagers. Then suddenly, the silence was broken by an enourmess roar. "RAARRRR!!!" is what they heard. "What was that?" Dekker asked. He-Man made a gesture to "shh" and pointed to the cave above. He slowly stood up and started to the side of the mountain. He was interupted by a giagantic beast that leaped out of the cave, cracking the cliff on which they stood. It's fur was white, it's eyes yellow, and his sharp teeth stained blood red from it's prey. It had three brown horns on it's head and stared at Dekker with the feircest look on it's face. In a mad dash, the snowbeast rushed toward Dekker. If the beast hit him, he would surely fly off of the edge of the cliff. Right as they were about to make impact, He-Man swung his axe which plunged into the beast's chest and swung the monster into the side of the mountain, knocking down ice. In rage, the beast charged He-Man. He-Man swung his axe, cutting the beast's leg right off. It layed there, but before it's death it let out a war cry. Just seconds later, growls could be heard throught the cold air. Five more snowbeasts hopped from the cave onto the cliff. "Go by the side of the mountain and hang on." He-Man ordered. The two ran to the side of the mountain without hesitation. Dekker hung on, but He-Man stayed. He lifted his axe and struck the cliff with such might that the cliff shattered and the snow beasts no longer had a surface to stand on. He-Man grabbed onto the side of the mountain as the snowbeasts fell to their dooms. The two climbed and climbed until they made it to the ice fort. They broke the ice doors into peices and walked into the ice throne room. Icer sat on his ice throne with Stratos frozen in an ice block beside him. "Show's over Icer!" Dekker yelled. Icer slowly stood up from his throne and walked slowly toward the two. "So glad you came." he said calmly, ignoring Dekker's comment. He snapped his fingers and suddenly behind them, guards made out of ice held the heroes back. He-Man turned around, jerking away from the guards, and punched one in its ugly face shattering him into peices. He then swung his axe and chopped the other's head off. Dekker got the cue and sliced one of the guards with his sword. He tried He-Man's trick and punched the ice man, but it left the guard with just a crack, and left Dekker with a hurt hand. Icer stared He-Man and Dekker down. He broke the silence and shot ice from his wrist, which hit He-Man's arm. His arm blead and he ran after Icer. Icer punched him in the face, drawing more blood and sending him backward. He-Man landed with a thud into the wall. Dekker threw a punch and Icer just summoned a wall of ice that blocked Dekker's attack easily. Icer kicked Dekker back and he fell, knocking down some ice that just barely missed his head. Icer towered over him about to freeze him. Then Dekker had an idea. He quickly pulled out his laser gun and fired in a panic. The shot hit Icer's hand, melting it right off. He yelled in agony. From behind, He-Man punched him in the back of the head. The duo stood over him. "Where are the other Masters?" He-Man yelled as Dekker pointed his laser gun at Icer's head. "I only know where Teela is! She is with Mer-Man and Clawful down by the hidden lake! You can get there by using the sewers!" he replied in a panic. "Thanks" He-Man replied. Dekker fired and melted Icer until he was just a puddle on the floor. Dekker then shot at the ice Stratos was in until it melted. Stratos panted for air on the ground. "What happened?" Stratos asked, obviously confused. Dekker and He-Man explained how Skeletor took over and all of the details of their journey. "Wow. Well then we better get going!" he yelled. "Alright, can you fly us down this mountain?" He-Man asked. "My wings are too wet, I'm afraid I cannot." Stratos replied. The trio walked outside and found excactly what they needed behind the ice palace. A Land Shark vehicle sat there waiting to be driven. "They robbed Man-at-arms' invention lab!" He-Man exclaimed. Dekker hopped into the vehicle and gestured for the other two to follow. "It's now or never." he said. They all got in as Dekker started the engine. THE END! WATCH FOR ISSUE NUMBER 4. COMING SOON!
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