The Conquest of Skeletor #4
Added On: April 28, 2013 10:10 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic
SECONDS AFTER ISSUE #3... He-Man, Dekker, and the slighlty shaken Stratos zoomed down the Ice Mountains as fast as possible. Stratos couldn't remember anything from the past couple of weeks. He looked down and noticed for the first time that he was bruised and cut. He thought back as hard as he could. Then he suddenly had a flashback and instead of being on the Landshark right here, right now, he was back at Graykull two weeks ago. He and his commrades had already lost the battle. Their hands were all tied behind their backs and they were on their knees. He looked to his right and saw Blade and Trap Jaw standing behind Fisto. He turned to his left and saw Blast-Atakk and Batros behind Ram Man. He saw Tri-Klops behind Man-at-arms, Webstor behind Rio-Blast, Saurod and Ninjor behind Extendar, and Two-Bad and Spikor behind Lizard Man, Rokkon, and Garn. Stratos dipped his head in sorrow realizing he had been defeated. Behind him stood Icer. In front of him Skeletor, looking more powerful than ever, paced back and forth. "Bring them to your new forts immediately!" Skeletor ordered. Icer grabbed him harshly and threw him in the Land Shark. As they drove, they saw Tri-Klops fly away in a Roton. After a bumpy and majorly uncomftorable ride, Icer shoved Stratos into the Ice Palace. Stratos immediately rebeled and threw a punch. Icer litterally froze his hand. Then Icer punched and kicked until Stratos was beaten and bloody. Then Icer froze him completely. Now here he was, weeks later with He-Man and Dekker. The sense of helplessness started to fade. The Land Shark zipped down the mountain and finally on flat land. This area was so much more hostile than the village on the other side of the mountain where He-Man and Dekker had come to save Stratos. There was a dark smog that covered the scary enviornment. The trees were crooked and twisted. The inhabitants were anything but peaceful. Luckily though,Icer had confessed earlier that there would be a sewer nearby that could be used as a passage to their destination. They were to save Teela and find out more information. Statos scanned the area and found a sewer lid. "There!" he said, pointing at the lid. He approached it, lifted it, and gestured for the others to follow. They all jumped in and were greeted by a enourmess splash of disgusting sewer water. The sewer was full of a green fog. The three trugded through the terrible tides. It was silent except for the dripping of sewer water and the occasional cough from the heroes due to the almost lethal air. The silence was only another reason to not expect what happened next. "WHAPPAT!!!" something had sweeped Dekker's legs out from under him. "POW!" Stratos was knocked backward, falling on his back into the putrid muck. He-Man stood on guard. A slimy green fist zoomed through the green fog. He-Man snatched the wrist connected to the hand. He did a pivet and with his strength, flipped the green creature over his shoulder. The fowl beast was a heavy load. The creature stood up and revealed that he was Whiplash. "Well if it isn't the rebel He-Man." Whiplash grimaced, "There is a bounty on your head that is so large that I could aquire whatever I want with it!" he remarked. Skeletor already got word of our escape?" He-Man asked, suprised but trying his best to sustain his cocky attitude. "That is why you should never let the bad guys go!" Whiplash taunted. "Stinkor!" He-Man yelled dramatically. He was acting of course. His allies were just getting up from their falls and sneaking up behing the lizard man. Right as they were about to strike, Whiplash spun around, his enourmess tail knocking down all three of the so called "rebels". Stratos was still weak, but he realized that this was a life or death situation. He shot up from the water, with a new found and sudden burst of energy. He threw a punch that Whiplash easily dodged and parried, knocking him off of his feet again. The three heroes didn't realize it, but the fog was actually toxic, making them slower and weaker by the minute. Then suddenly they all fell to the ground, sinking into the muck. They woke up, all tied to the same stone structure in a huge cavern. Dekker was the first to wake. He saw Whiplash, pacing through the green water. Then as he scanned his surroundings, he saw the most impossible thing he could think of. Procrustus was chained and held captive in a big glass rectangular case. He looked worn out, as if he was tired of trying to escape. His head dipped and his eyes showed a dull blue color. The others woke up and they whispered the plan to eachother. "Hey! Quiet over there! If us evil warriors can defeat Procrustus, who is in a deep sleep..." he gestured toward the glass case "then we can most certainly handle you!" Whiplash turned around. "Alright let's start the plan." Dekker suggested. He-Man slipped his hand loose from his chains and broke off a piece of rock from the rugged stone structure. He aimed and whipped the rock at the glass. It made an unsatisfyingly small hole, but a satisfyingly loud crashing sound. Procrustus' head rose. He looked furious. He cocked back all four of his arms, Whiplash watching in awe, and completely shattered the entire glass case in one extremely powerful strike. As Whiplash was distracted, Stratos and Dekker grabbed him from behind. He-Man kicked him with anger and force, sending him crashing into the stone structure. They tied him up with the chains and He-Man punched him in the face, knocking out three of his teeth and knocking him unconscious. "Thank you brothers. I am grateful for your noble deeds you have shown today. I now support your rebellion. Take this orbs." He gave He-Man a blue marble like orb, "Call upon me whenever you wish." He-Man put the orb in a satchel below his belt. "Thank you Procrustus." Proctrustus nodded and said, "Until next time..." He sunk into the ground and disappeared. "Come on..." Stratos encouraged, "We got a girl to rescue." The three journeyed on through the sewers on their way to save Teela. THE END! DON'T FORGET TO READ THE NEXT ISSUE IN THIS THRILLING TALE! WILL ETERNIA BE SAVED, OR HAS SKELETOR FINALLY WON? THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW IS IF YOU KEEP UP WITH THIS SERIES OF EXCITING ADVENTURES! NEXT: THE RESCUE OF TEELA!
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