The Conquest of Skeletor #5
Added On: May 17, 2013 11:15 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic
45 MINUTES AFTER ISSUE #4..."Hey! I see the sewer cap! It's up there!" Stratos yelled, gesturing toward the ceiling of the sewer. "How can we get up there?" Dekker asked. He-Man and Dekker couldn't help but stare at Stratos expectantly. "Take my hands." Stratos ordered reluctantly after an awkward moment of silence. He flew up to the sewer cap and it busted open from sheer impact. They found themselves back in the eerie woods. It seemed that at the same time that they felt completely isolated from life, they felt as if they were being watched at every move. They were by a large bog area where they stood at the shore of a big pond. On the other side of the shore, Teela was tied and gagged in seaweed, completely unguarded. Then suddenly, a huge phiranna-like fish erupted from the water. It shot out of the water, Mer-Man on its back. It dove back into the water as quickly as it had shot out. Stratos immediately took action and flew over the bog, going to the other side of the pond. Almost just as fast, the gigantic monster-fish leaped out of the water, soaring about ten feet above the water. Mer-Man stuck his trident right into Stratos' gut, making his head swing back violently in pain. The fish swam back into the murky depths. Without hesitation, He-Man dove into the water. He was getting nibbled by every fish he passed, Mer-Man's orders no doubt. It was difficult to expect what came next. The phiranna rushed passed him. Without thinking, He-Man swung his axe at the fish drawing blood. He then grabbed its tail and hitched a ride. He reached out and grabbed Stratos, then ordered him to swim to the surface, which he did. The pihranna rushed toward him in a frenzy of anger. He-Man brutally slammed his axe into the beast's head. He-Man realized he must get air, and floated to the surface. He swam to the shore. Dekker was being attacked by fish on the other side of the shore. Stratos lay on the surface catching his breath. Teela was no where to be found. As He-Man scanned the area, Mer-Man snuck behind him. Suddenly he was disarmed and kicked in the face. Who was this? Teela! "Thanks for the rescue party Adam! I could've taken care of myself thank you! What am I? A damsel in distress? You didn't have to get Stratos and Dekker almost killed !" Teela pouted. "Hey, what are friends for?" He-Man replied. Teela angrily punched him in the arm. Then suddenly, Clawful emerged from the water and grabbed Teela by the neck! He dunked her head underwater, not letting his grip loosen. He-Man punched Clawful in the face, but Clawful didn't let go. He-Man used all of his strength and pried his gigantic claw off of Teela. He then uppercut him in the stomache, then the jaw. "Looks like you were doing just fine." He smiled to Teela. "Shut up!" Teela replied. "Listen! All I know is that Meckaneck is in the Tower of Lava." she informed. "Well that's all we need to know." He-Man said. They bandaged Stratos' bitten hip and the four walked through the swamp, toward Meckaneck. THE END! WILL MECKANECK BE SAVED? WHO HAS HIM CAPTURED? WILL HE DIE? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EXCITING ISSUE!!!
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