The conquest of Skeletor #6
Added On: July 24, 2013 5:37 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: POP
Our story takes a turn here. Now we will hear the tale of the strange gathering of heroes on a strange planet but at the same time as He-Man's epic struggle to regain freedom in Eternia that we heard about in the last issues. The two stories are related. It starts in deep space. A battle is being settled in the form of a spaceship shootout. Flipshot was sent on a routine recon mission. He was in a single seat Mark 72 space jet, made for missions like this one. "Come in Starship Eternia. Come in Starship Eternia. There's nothing out of the ordinary tonight, over." Flipshot reported into his communicator on his wrist. In a giant ship not too far away, Hydron answered Flipshot's call. "Alright you can come back and call it a night. Over" he replied. Then as Flipshot was about to hang up when something caught his eye. A ship, about fifteen yards away was just sitting there, floating through space. The thrusters weren't on or anything, but there was loud noises inside. "Hydron I'm just going to check this out. Looks like a 10-44, over." he reported. A 10-44 met "abandoned ship". Flipshot boarded the ship and opened the door. When he got inside, he saw a surprise. A simple abandoned ship had just turned into a raid. Karratti, Lizzor, and Slush Head attacked the pilot.
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