Though Heroes Fall - Introduction
Added On: June 6, 2013 10:49 am
Type: Prose
Community Series: MOTU Classic

Though Heroes Fall – a Tale of He-Man.

By Scriptor – with Artwork by Sazariel.


Summary:   Prince Adam's rash impulsiveness plunges a young and inexperienced He-Man into an ordeal where he is tested beyond his limits - and brought to question the true nature of loyalty, of love - and of the Power itself....

Introduction:   This is a tale about power – the complexities of acquiring and wielding it, and about its effects, both corrupting and redeeming.It is often readily assumed that to be He-Man is an altogether wonderful experience, replete with enviable strength and skill and charisma. Yet this story seeks to investigate the actual human experience – and cost – of being both Adam and He-Man and to understand the burden of that duality – both to himself and to those around him.

It also portrays the strange and intense affinity – indeed intimacy – which can arise between enemies involved in close personal conflict.It has a somewhat more shadowed and nuanced tone than most literature on this subject and is aimed at the more mature reader since much of it takes the form of a tense psychological drama; but it is not without its humour and – of course – its battles; this is, after all, Eternia!

Over the course of ten chapters, each illustrated by a specially created image from the wonderfully talented hands of Sazariel, it relates the tale of one of He-Man’s earlier adventures. And it shows how even the most noble of heroes may struggle to live up to his own high ideals and to the expectations of others – and of how there is more than one way to fall....

[The usual disclaimer; He-Man and the MotU mythos are not of my creation and I make no IP claim in that direction – and so on.]

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