Defenders of Etheria-Chapter 2
Added On: October 10, 2013 1:32 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic

Issue 2: Stand for Etheria!

Featuring: Ram-Man, Ram-Man, Kay-La, Air-Bag. [Secondaries: Snake-Men Warriors, Soldiers of Grayskull, Cap'N Diamond-Eye's Pirates]
Writer: Joker95. Artist: TBD
Summary: Set two months before the events of Chapter 1, this tells the story of how the Defenders of Etheria were formed.

Cover: Our cover, like the last one, features the Power Sword. However, the lightning from the Sword is segmented into five pictures, each one representing a different character [Air-Bag, Ark-Hull, Kay-La, Rowdy-Ruff and Banshee].

Page 1:

Panel#1: [We open in the interior of a library, where Air-Bag is busy sorting out a small shelf filled with data entries]

Air-Bag: [Whistles]

Panel#2: [Behind him, we see Ram-Man (no, not the MOTU Ram-Man) walking in the entrance.]

Ram-Man: [Speech Balloon] I see everything's in working order.

[Half-Panel, Air-Bag freezes after hearing Ram-Man's voice]

Panel#3: [Ram-Man then walks over to where Air-Bag is located]

Ram Man: How goes the categorisation? 

[Half-panel shows Air-Bag nervously sweating, twiddling his fingers]

Air-Bag: Um...what categorisation?

Panel#4: [Ram-Man raises an eyebrow]

[Half-Panel, he then asks]

Ram-Man: You did remember to categorise the archeological dig Man-E-Faces discovered? The one with the odd symbols?
__________________________________________________ ___

Page 2:

Panel#5: [Air-Bag, embarrassed, rubbed the back of his cranium.]

Air-Bag: [nervously] Um, nope! No, not at all. Heh heh...

[Half-panel, there's an off-panel explosion]

Panel#6: [Ram-Man then turns around to see massive commotion outside the Archives]

Ram Man: [surprised] What in Etheria...

Air-Bag: [frightened] W-what's going on out there?

Panel#7: [Outside the streets, an army of identical blue and grey guardsmen are forming a blockade near the Archives. Some of them have been heavily battered, but all of them are undoubtedly shaken. The air is thick with fear and panic]

Guard#1: H-hold your positions.

Guard#2: Game over, man, game over!


Air-Bag: [unnerved] We-we should leave, Ram-Man.

[Half-Panel, Ram-Man turns to his student, growing increasingly wary]

Ram-Man: force has attacked the Crystal City in a hundred years.


Page 3:

Panel#9: [Suddenly, the Guards are nervous when an ominous shadow looms over the Archives.]

[Half-Panel, then an explosion tears down one of the Guard perimeters]

Panel#10: [It is here that the attackers are identified; a combined army of Snake-Men wielding wooden clubs and cyborg soldiers with skull-helmets.]

Panel#11: [one of the guards, Kay-La, deploys her gun-arm before raising her battle mask.]

Kay-La: Hold it right there! This here'll be your last warning; turn back now, or face the consequences.

Voice: I think not, insolent child....

Panel#12: [a hooded figure walks to the front of the invading army, holding a withered staff in one bony hand]

Voice: I have traced the Sword's energy trail here. Now tell me....

[Half-Panel, the hooded figure pulls back the hood, and he's revealing himself as...Skeletor.]

Skeletor: Where is the Sword of Power?

Panel#13: [Kay-La, unamused, points her weapon arm at Skeletor]

Kay-La: [Speech balloon] Whoever you are, I don't know what kind'a sword you're babbling about, but even if I knew what in the nine Moons you're referrin' to, I wouldn't give you what you came for.

Panel#14: [the entire assembly of Snake-Men soldiers begin hissing angrily at Kay-La's show of defiance].

Skeletor: [Whilst raising a bony finger]: So be it. Soldiers of Greyskull! Fan out and surround every building, every alley. Tind what was stolen from me-even if you have to tear this city to pieces! Snakemen, rip these foolish guardsmen asunder! Take no prisoners!


Snake-Man#1: For Skeletor!

Snake-Man#2: Death to the Descendants of Randor!


Page 4:


Air-Bag: Eep.

Ram-Man: We have to leave. Now.

[Half-Panel, the door bursts open]

Panel#16: [A full-page spread shows Kay-La fighting Statixx as they burst through the door in true blockbuster fashion]

Page 4: 

Panel#17: [Statixx fires two electrical blasts at Kay-La]

Statixx: You're finished, finished! I'll have yer guts for insulation, lation.

Panel#18: [Kayla uses her bulky arm to deflect the electrical projectiles]

Kay-La: Hon, you don't know the half of it.

[Half-Panel, Kay-La reaches underneath the nearest table, before finding something]

Panel#19: [Statixx notices Ram-Man and Air-Bag, before holding the two hostage.]

Statixx: Skeletor said no hostages, hostages. But I'm in a good mood, mood. 

[Half-Panel, Air-Bag looks at Ram-Man with despair in his eyes.]

Panel#20: [Air-Bag and Ram-Man turn their attention to off-panel]

Voice: Funny thing 'bout electricity...

Panel#21: [Kay-La smirks, holding what looks like a rubberised baton]

Kay-La: It can be insulated

[Half-Panel, Kay-La throws the baton at Statixx's direction]

Panel#22: [In a full-page spread, Statixx screams in pain as the rubber baton insulates her energy levels, Air-Bag and Ram-Man taking that moment to stay far away from their would-be captor]

Panel#23: [Statixx, defeated, falls over on her face, her armour badly scorched.]

Panel#24: [Air-Bag and Ram-Man look at each other momentarily, almost as if they were relieved by Kay-La's sudden interference]

[Half-Panel, Kay-La walks over to the two civilians Statixx had threated to use as hostages]

Kay-La: Glad t' see yer both in one piece. Can't rightly say th' same for her. C'mon, the City Guard ain't gonna hold 'em back much longer. We gotta book now...

Panel#25: [Suddenly, the Archives are shook by an explosion at the front entrance.]


Page 5: 

Panel#26: [In a full-page spread, we see the full extent of Skeletor's minions; Snake-Men soldiers charging alongside the robotic Soldiers of Greyskull. And at the head of the army is Cap'N Diamond-Eye, accompanied by Rivet-Head, Webb, Airachnos and Magmus]

Panel#27: [Cap'N Diamond Eye directs his gaze over to Kay-La, Ram-Man and Air-Bag.]

Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [eyes Kay-La] You incapacitated one o' me best mates.

[Half-Panel, the Cap'N smiles wolfishly at the three fools standing in his wake]

Cont; Gut 'em, boys.



Panel#28: [the archives' back exit is intact, seemingly at peace. Until....]

Panel#29: [A fiery explosion blows the exit to all-hell, just as Air-Bag, Ram-Man and Kay-La retreat from the massive horde chasing them with laserfire]

Panel#30: [Kay-La, in the midst of running for her life, notices what looks like an Astro-Sub in the distance.]

[Half-Panel, her eyes narrow, showing fierce determination]

Panel#31: [Kay-La grips both Air-Bag and Ram-Man by their wrists before hurrying toward the Astro-Sub]

Air-Bag: [tries to cover his eyes, showing fear] We're not gonna make it!

Kay-La: [stubbornly dedicated] Not if ya keep yappin'!

Panel#32: [in the nick of time, the Astro-Sub takes off, leaving Diamond-Eye and his legion in the dust]

Panel#33: [The Cap'N was understandably angry at this development]

Diamond-Eye: [shouting] I'll git yer hides, Etherians! Even if tis the last thing I ever do, by Primus!

Panel#34: [Skeletor appears from the midst of his Horde]

Skeletor: [Speech Balloon] Let them flee. For now, they are the least of our worries. 

(To be continued, in Issue 3)

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