Defenders of Etheria-Chapter 3
Added On: October 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Classic

Featuring: Rowdy-Ruff, Banshee, Ark-Hull. [Secondaries; Several Patrons, Bartender.]
Writer: Screampool2009. Artist: TBD
Summary: Set a month after Chapter 2-Part 1, this tells the story of how the Defenders of Etheria were formed.

Cont; See Chapter 2, Part 1

Page 1:

Panel#1: [We open at the front door of a tavern miles away from the now-occupied Crystal City]

[Half-Panel, a cloaked stranger walks inside the motley tavern]

Panel#2: [Inside, the bar is a ramshackle, almost medieval place. Refugees from all over Etheria crowd the bar, drowning their sorrows]

Patron#1: Can't believe the City's defense fell that quickly..

Patron#2: Would've thought the guard put up more of a fight.

Panel#3: [cautiously, the stranger walks over to the bartender before sitting on one of the stools]

Stranger: [Speech Bubble] Glass of ale.

Panel#4: [Cautiously, the Bartender (a Lobster creature similar to Clawful) pours the stranger a glass]

[Half-Panel, the Bartender hands the stranger the glass.]

Bartender: [Speech Bubble] You've sure picked the oddest place for a drink, stranger.

Panel#5: [A close-up of the Stranger as he grins beneath a cloak]

Stranger: [Speech Bubble] I don't rightly recall being in the right place, partner.

[Half-Panel, he pulls the glass up to his throat.]

Panel#6 [Suddenly, a loud crash was heard in the corner]

[Half-Panel, we cut to the middle of a barfight]

Drunkard#1: C'mere, you!

Drunkard#2: Dogpile, dogpile!

Panel#7: [five drunkards all dogpile on a small shadowy figure, forfieting elegance for clumsily-executed brute strength. But then...]

[Half-Panel, an armour fist bursts out from the pile of bickering bodies, punching them away]

__________________________________________________ ___

Page 2:

Panel#8: [All five drunkards are flung at the wall, as if they were ragdolls]

Voice: [Speech Balloon] Alright, creeps!

[Half-Panel, one of the Drunkards tries shaking his head to recover from such a wallop]

Voice: [Speech Balloon] You guys wanna knuckle san'wich?

Panel#9: [We then see who is responsible for starting the fight; a small, green-skinned goblin with large fists and pink ponytails, who is posed flexing her arm like Rosie The Riveter]

Rowdy-Ruff: Than that's what Rowdy-Ruff is gonna put on th' menu!

Panel#10: [All of a sudden, Rowdy-Ruff freezes in place as she hears gunfire]

Voice: [Speech Balloon] I reckon that's enough for t'day...

Panel#11: [The stranger's left hand reveals to be an arm-mounted machine gun, still smoking as the stranger pulls away his hood to reveal Ark-Hull]

Ark-Hull: [Speech Bubble] So how's about wrapping it up afore things get really noisy in here? Hmm?

Panel#12 [In a demonstration of childish irritation, Rowdy-Ruff walks up to Ark-Hull, flexing her muscles]

Rowdy-Ruff: [Speech Bubble] You got a lotta noive, pal. Stickin' ya beak into somethin' that don' concern ya...

Panel#13: [Suddenly, the Bar Door bursts open, revealing some unwanted guests; A squadron of Soldiers of Greyskull, Snort and Magmus]

Snort: [Grins whilst baring his claws] Oh goody, oh goody. More uncooperatin' joiks t' round up.

Magmus: [Speech Bubble in a monotone manner] Cork it, greaselips. Th' Cap'n wants anyone from the Crystal City rounded up, bagged and gassed.

[Half-Panel, Snort glares at Magmus]

Snort: [Speech Bubble] Who yous callin greaselips, ya walkin' Quarry?

__________________________________________________ ___

Page 3:

Panel#14 [Magmus nods to one of the Soldiers of Greyskull, signalling them to tag and bag the patrons.]

[Half-Panel, but just before the mechanical drones could lay a servo on a single drunkard...]

Panel#15 [Ark-Hull shoots one of them down in a mid-shot panel, before aiming the gun at Snort]

Ark-Hull: [Speech Bubble] *tsk* *tsk* S'bad manners to burst in without an invitation.

Panel#16: [Suddenly, Magmus grabs Ark-Hull's right arm before slowly twisting it, showing no signs of anger]

Magmus: [Speech Bubble] Perhaps you don't understand the situation, fleshie.

[Half-Panel, Ark-Hull is thrown onto the ground]

Magmus: [Speech Bubble] When Skeletor tells you t' jump, you say...

Panel#17 [Magmus suddenly turns around when he hears Rowdy-Ruff shouting]

Rowdy-Ruff: [Speech Balloon] Drop an' gimme zero, rock-boy!

[Half-Panel, Rowdy-Ruff knocks Magmus cold with a single punch. ]

Panel#18: [As Magmus falls to the floor, Snort tries to pounce on Rowdy-Ruff]

Snort: [Speech Balloon] You liddle creep, I'll..

Panel#19: [A single punch from a now-recovered Ark-Hull cannons Snort into a crowd of Soldiers of Greyskull] 

Panel#20: [In a sign of reluctant comraderie, Rowdy-Ruff hurriedly carries Ark-Hull out of the Bar]

Rowdy-Ruff: [Speech Balloon] You save my bacon, I save yours.
__________________________________________________ ___

Page 4:

Panel#21 [Up in the sky, Kay-La and the others in the Astro-Sub flew over the Forest, watching the devastation as the trees slowly began to wither and die]

Kay-La: [Speech Balloon] Oh no...

Ram Man: [Speech Balloon] I see no signs of pesticides or poison gas, yet the forest is already dropping like flies.

Panel#22: [Kay-La clenches her fist in anger]

Kay-La: [Speech Balloon] Why those low-down, no good...

Air-Bag: [Speech Balloon] Look! Down there!

Panel#23: [through an eagle-eye view of the forest, we see Rowdy-Ruff carrying Ark-Hull as the Soldiers of Greyskull fire lasers at them]

Panel#24: [At a close-up view, Rowdy-Ruff trips over a rotting bit of tree debris]

[Half-Panel, we see Rowdy-Ruff's face contorting in horror as the Soldiers of Greyskull begin closing up on her. All seems lost, until...]

__________________________________________________ ___

Page 5: 

Panel#25: [At the nick of time, Kay-La divebombs the Soldiers in the Astro-Sub, scattering them with such a ridiculous stunt]

Panel#26: [Just as the Soldiers are busy recovering, Kay-La opens the cockpit before motioning to Rowdy-Ruff to get inside]

Kay-La: [Speech Balloon] C'mon, git in! Quick!

Panel#27: [Quickly, Rowdy-Ruff jumps into the Astro-Sub cockpit, still carrying an unconscious Ark-Hull]

[Half-Panel, Kay-La quickly blasts off in the Astro-Sub, leaving the Soldiers behind in their dust]

To Be Continued?

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