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Added On: February 5, 2017 10:52 pm
Type: Script
Community Series: MOTU Modern

Masters of the Universe 200X
After He-Man and The Masters of the Universe defeated King Hsss and the snake god Serpos, Hordak was preparing for freedom from the dimension Despondos with his evil Horde.  Before he could though many preparations needed to be made.  In a distant planet from Eternia known as Etheria, was currently under the Horde's rule with his Force Captain Adora holding it under her tyrannical reign.  Adora or as all knew her as Despera lived to serve Hordak.  The same magic that held Hordak imprisoned inside of Despondos also prevented him from a direct entry to Eternia.  His plan to jump from Despondos could only be possible if he jumped to another world, Etheria.  With the combine effort of his Wraith's, Shadow Weaver and his own magic Hordak was able to break Despondos barrier and arrive in Etheria.  The plan from there was to gather Despera and her troops and journey to Eternia for his vengeance.  Even with his great power and other's at his disposal, Hordak needed the help of another; one who was to meet him in Etheria.....Evil Lynn.....
           Back in Eternia The Masters enjoyed some well-earned rest.  Skeletor seemed to be not making any moves.  Yet silence can sometimes be the worst before a grand tempest.  Skeletor was indeed not focused on Eternia.  He discovered Evil Lynn's ploy to help Hordak and pursued her to it had seemed.  The truth being Skeletor persuaded  Evil Lynn to pretend to betray him.  Skeletor had known Hordaks release from Despondos was inevitable and having Evil Lynn pretend to be loyal to Hordak allowed Skeletor to initiate his plan.  Hordak's escape from Despondos to Etheria would cause him to be in a weakened state, so Skeletor thought, leaving him the perfect time to strike.
       Evil Lynn's plan was to see where the cards fell before making her decision or true motives felt.  If somehow Skeletor was able to overthrow Hordak, she obviously wouldn't dare cross him.  If Hordak defeated Skeletor it would be easy to side with the leader of the Horde.Upon Hordak's arrival in Etheria after a brief meeting with Despera Hordak and Shadow Weaver waited for the arrival of Evil Lynn.  As she appeared Skeletor was right behind her.  He quickly blasted Shadow Weaver his Havoc Staff disposing of her.  Skeletor and Hordak ensued in a battle of magical dominance.  It was only when Skeletor was hit from a blast of energy from behind did Hordak gain the upper hand.  Skeletor assumed it had been a recovered Shadow Weaver not knowing it was indeed Evil Lynn.  Hordak showed no mercy and dismembered Skeletor brutally.
      Days later Hordak was struggling on his next move.  He dare not invade Eternia without his most powerful allies at his side.  Though he had many Horde Generals, Despera's might could not be matched.  Aside from Hordak, his Hordesman fight the best with her at their helm.  Yet Hordak could not simply abandon their dominance over an all but conquered Etheria.  Struggling as he was it was finally the Shadow Weaver that had the solution Hordak needed.  Shadow Weaver presented the newest member of the Horde and the Secondary force captain to lead The Horde to Eternia.

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