For Love.
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 (Thus begins the story of Lady Evelyn Powers... aka Evil-Lynn, and her lover -Duke Keldor The Bold, Gar Nobleman who led a nobles insurrection against King Randor and the new democracy. Keldor, the young Cult of The Horde devotee whose mummified flesh would be used by the Scientist Priests of Infinitia as a vassal to house the spirit of destruction incarnate, Skeletor. This speaks of the early days of Lady Evellyn and her Lord Keldor, and all they sacrificed and all they destroyed... for love. This work is of an adult nature.)

Lady Evelyn Morgan lay in her bed in the chambers of Snake Mountain, lost to despair and living now for only memories of the past. Her lovers great rebellion had been a failure, complete and abject, and she had barely escaped the carnage inside the Hall of Elders with her life and his body. Long years of preparations had gone into Keldors Uprising, and it had all been for naught. The bold Duke had sacrificed the entirety of his considerable fortune, and she had pledged most of hers, along with Lord Tridor Essenaux and the enigmatic Sinjon Kronis of the east who had sent medical supplies, machines and weaponry, but no men, and had declined to ever meet with the architects of the Uprising. They had had the numbers, she remembered Keldor joyfully addressing his assembled forces, some ten thousand strong, and proclaiming that the only possibility was total victory. Yet they had lost.

For two celestial years they had waged war against the Elders, and had won many battles. They had secured much of Eternia as their own holdings, while largely keeping the lands they already owned. The Randor regime had since taken to calling these lands the "Dark Hemisphere", even though they were not a single united land mass, and even though the same sun rose on them as rose in Eternos. Randor insisted on his foolish belief that "men were equal" and "Life, liberty, and fraternity" were rights of all." What choice had he left the nobles but to fight for their holdings?

Gods, how powerful Keldor had been! Even now, that he was a mummified corpse entombed in the bowels of Snake Mountain she believed that she could feel his strength. On the field of battle he was a defiant angry god swinging his great sword to cleave heads, while drawing the power of the elements with his Havok Staff and raining lightning down upon his enemies. Thousands did Keldor slay in his time! She would never forget him, his rippling blue muscles, his great handlebar mustache black as night, his long black hair blowing in the winds he mastered, how could she forget?

What pleasures he had given her when the moons were high! What waves of pure animal delight she had felt as his manhood had thrust inside of her! What sensualities and passions that weaklings would never know, as both being magical creatures, they had floated high into the nighttime sky, fucking as if their lives depended on it! And they had! They had clung to each other even as it had become apparent that for all of his strength, the gods had aligned themselves against Keldor, and even the Queen Bitch herself Teela would see his head on her Vulnarians battle standard? How they had cursed the gods then, and declared that if both man and god were to be set against them, then they alone would be Masters Of The Universe, and to Despondos with them all!

They had even secured the aid of the feared Glorms, and in the great victory at Morragor, Keldor had even ridden astride one of the fell demigods, the great monster standing fifteen feet high and gutting their enemies with each claw on its six arms, leading three of its brethren behind it, and behind them two thousand of Keldors Keld Warriors. The army of Captain Randor was decimated that day, and she had been able to seal the victory by using her knowledge of curses to transform the Noble at Morragor into an abhorrent form, and chain him into bondage to Keldor. It had been their greatest victory, and at that time it seemed that the war was theirs to win.Then, it seemed all of Eternia was theirs to win.

Dashing, handsome Keldor. So full of rage and fire! Hatred at the prejudices of those who called his blue skinned people "Gar", adopting the ancient surname of his people and proclaiming that they were all "Kelds" not "Gars", no longer were they to be punished for actions of ancestors who were only trying to save Eternia! No longer were they to roam the waste of the world as nomads, they were to come together and fight for what was rightfully theirs! And so many of them listened....

Her love for Keldor had driven her from her father, the ancient powerful sorcerer known only as The Faceless One, and ultimately had driven her here, to this stone snake volcanic fortress where she was hiding like a rodent... all for love.She had been born into great wealth and privilege among the cosmopolitans in the great city of Zalesia ten thousand years ago, her father, who had been known then as Lord Nicolas, had been an advisor to the Great King Greyskull, and a member of his Council of Elders. Lord Nicholas was perhaps the most powerful sorcerer alive during this time, and as such had been appointed guardian of the powerful Ram Stone and Havoc Staff, for fear that they would fall to Hordak the Enemy. The Crown had made a shaky alliance with the King of The Snakepeople, as both had recognized that they would need to join forces to defeat Hordaks Horde, and in that alliance King Hsssss of the House Viper (whose Snakeman name no Eternian tongue could pronounce) had demanded that no member of Greyskulls Council of Elders bare children, for fear of upsetting the delicate balance of power that they had achieved. All had agreed, and her father had too... until he met her mother.Her father would tell her years later that the moment he laid his eyes upon her mother all treaties, all governments, all threats to personal safety, all of these things vanished into the winds, and he found himself lost in the deep green of the beautiful womans eyes. They fell madly in love, and bedded within the crystal chamber at great Zalesia, not particularly bothering to hide their trysts.

The King of The Snakemen discovered their love, and became enraged. By that time the war against the Horde was at a critical point, Greyskull needed the army of the Snakemen to help him hold the Horde back long enough for him to make a perilous journey to learn what he needed to defeat Hordak. The Council Of Elders was as enraged by Nicholas's betrayal was the Snake King was. Council was held, and he was sentenced. Using their combined might, the sorcerers of the Council stripped Nicolas of his humanity, taking from him the very thing he had betrayed them for. When his lover saw what had been done to him, and the monster they had turned him into, she climbed the highest tower of the Zalesian castle and leapt from it. She kept them from taking the last thing that was hers, her will to die.Nicholas had raged and sworn revenge, but there was little he could do, the Havoc Staff and Ram Stone had been taken from him, along with much of his power. His face was gone, turned now into a featureless bone white mask. He was condemned to be a prisoner at Zalesia, a curse had been laid upon him that he could never physically leave Zalesia, were he to try the very winds and earth would push him back. He was immortal and doomed to exists forever in his city.

What no one has known, however, was that before his punishment, before his love had leapt to her death, she had born him a girlchild. They had named her Evelyn, it was clear by her shimmering aura that she too would be strong in magic and thaumaturgy, perhaps even stronger than her father. He had made a promise to his lover that no matter what befell them, he would see that their child survived. So, he did.The alien warrior Ro was still a friend to Nicholas, he had secretly stood by his side when all else had abandoned him. Ro came to Nicholas after the death of his lover to console him, and his friend asked him for one final favor. "Take my child to the Central Tower, there place her upon the central crystal, and chant these words after pouring this vial of my blood on her. This will send her into the future, where I may find her and raise her away from the madness of these wars." Ro agreed and took the child, sneaking her across battlefields to accomplish his friends request.

Then, as a final punishment, the Council had declared that King Hssss may temporarily unleash their serpent god Serpos upon Zalesia, to wreak destruction upon it . It was done, and Nicholas had watched helpless from his tower window as the giant many headed snake had raged through the city, crushing and swallowing its citizens and laying waste to the priceless buildings. Within a matter of hours Zalesia was ruined, and the Snake beast was gliding across the desert on its quest for more destruction.The Snake Men had broken their treaty of course , and used their god demon to decimate Greyskulls armies as well as Hordaks. Nicholas scarcely cared, he was already being called "The Faceless One" at that point, a phantom figure who stalked the ruins of the once great city. News came to him from afar that Greyskull had finally been able to contain the snake, using the might of the Council to petrify it to stone and turn it into the volcanic fortress that could become known as Snake Mountain, but at that point Nicolas was only living for the day in the future when he would see his daughter again.

It would not happen for ten thousand more years, and he lived and felt every single one of those years from his solitude among the ruins, but through scrying and visions he knew the day, and finally it had arrived, and he had waited eagerly at the appointed place. The hair, he had told her, cracked with thaumaturgenic energy and there was the ripping sound of space and time that indicated a traveler from the past.She had arrived, a perfect girlchild from the ancient past and Nicholas had told her that one look at her made the long years of wait worth the struggle. Evelyn had loved her father fiercely, she could not remember a time when she did not love him, but, knowing finally of all he had sacrificed for her made her love him all the more.So it was so hard for her then, to leave him, to leave her studies in thaumaturgy, to leave her birthright, and to abandon her claim to "the secrets of the Universe" as her faceless father had termed it. And it all began when the handsome young blue skinned Duke arrived at their door, he who had carefully followed thaumaturgenic and astral trails right to them, the young acolyte of Darkness... Keldor.

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