For Love Part 2: Defiance
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For Love Part 2: We Will Defy

(This continues my origin story of Keldor and Evil Lynn. This work is of an adult nature)

The day that Keldor had arrived at Lady Evelyne and the Faceless Ones door was a Day of Destiny. Her Father The Faceless One had seen it days before, as he had been brooding and troubled at her lessons, finally telling her, "Very soon now all I have taught you will be tested Daughter. One shall show at our door who comes to tempt you, and coerce you into using your great power and the many secrets I have taught you against all of Eternia. Will you resists him? You must!"

And of course she said that she would. She was but nineteen, and had never known a man. Her entire life had been spent with her father learning to use her gifts, to hone her talents. She had become at nineteen a master of magic and a expert thaumaturgenists, but she was very naive about men. She did not know just how much this worried her father.He knew that he could not keep her forever. Hers was a destiny that would reach far beyond the oppressive ruins of Zalethesia, all the way to then ends of Eternia. But that destiny was at a crossroads, one path would lead to fame and noble work, a high marriage to a suitable lord and perhaps in time she could even assist her father in recovering the Ram Stone and rebuilding Zalethesia, that was his great wish. He had not told it to her, but she knew... she would not be his daughter if she did not, and she was very much his daughter.

Thaumaturgy ran so pure in her that it had bleached her hair white. Sometimes when she remained still and concentrated, arcs of its power crackled around her skin, in truth, he was sometimes in awe of his daughter.

The second path her destiny could take troubled him greatly, this was the one which was dark and murky, where the future was a purple haze of fear and all of his scrying led to naught. All he could see was first the tall mysterious Gar, driving a heavily armoured treaded machine to their home, and then... and then a yellowed skull. Nothing else. It both puzzled and frightened him, for he knew not what it meant.

As for Evelyn she was excited. She also knew a visitor was coming, like her father she could feel it. She was a titled Lady, the Lady Evelyn Morgan, yet the only visitors she and her father had ever entertained had been spirits, demons, and astral beings. Her father was the only flesh and blood creature she had ever known.

So the thought of this man coming, to see them, to see her, was tremendously exciting. Her father had considered killing the man from afar before he ever arrived to the ruins, by either his magic or command of demons, yet she had begged him not too. She had reminded him that eventually she would have to go out into the world, and she would need whatever education this stranger could provide her. Her father had argued that this stranger was perhaps better dead, due to his inability to see him clearly in scryings, but she had suggested that perhaps his astral eyes were failing him at last and another flesh and blood being should not be punished for that. That had angered him of course, but also it had stayed his hand. The stranger would arrive unharmed.

On the day of arrival Lady Evelyne had dressed herself in her finery and cast charms to make herself more appealing. Her father had sense the thaumaturgenic scents hovering in the air about her and scolded her, saying she did not need it, but Evelyne had brushed him off, and saw him for the first time as a faceless ancient being who was tied too much to a lost past. She pitied him.

She had examined herself carefully and decided that her form was one a man would like. Long, lean and muscular, but with bountiful breasts and wide hips, she exemplified the male virtue of feminine beauty , and while her mother had been a beautiful woman Evelyne had amplified her own natural beauty with charms and spells. It would have been enough to capture the eye of any man but she knew that this young Gar Duke was no ordinary man, after all no ordinary man or warrior nor even sorcerer would have been able to first find them hiding amidst the ruins, and then undertake the long journey there. Her father after all had taken great pains and cast many wards throughout the years to make sure that they were not found.

In truth, Evelyn was curious about sex. She was a healthy nineteen year old woman, who had been exiled from the world and had been forced to placate her raging hormones with fantasies and her own hands. She knew that most Eternian women had long been married by her age and had children, though the idea of matrimony and birthing did not appeal to her what happened in the marriage bed definitely did. She had even tried sex with first spirits then demons, but had been left unsatisfied and needing the touch of a flesh and blood being. In many ways all that mattered to her about this visiting Duke was that he could fulfill that need, then he could be on his way.

The day arrived, and she had climbed to the top of the tallest tower of their home with her father to mark his progress. From afar little could be told of him, as he had chosen to disguise his form in a heavy though stately hooded purple shroud. The armored tank however spoke volumes. It was a dark, dusty machine with deadly razor blades that revolved three hundred sixty degrees on its track, serving to not only clear a path but also mutilate anything that would dare to stand in its way. Twin laser cannons were mounted on its hood, and the triggers to control them were within reach of the hooded driver, who sat perched high upon a drivers chair in the open, with only a plated glass barrier immediately in front of him to block attack. The machine was an audacious display of power.

Her father had frowned, assessing the machine and driver. "It is called a Rotor," he told her, "it is a tool of war employed by the Cult of the Horde, an ancient evil fraternity of sorcerers that was borne after the defeat of the enemy Hordak ten thousand years ago. They are said to be worshippers of Horde Prime, and their primary goal has always been to bring Horde Prime to Eternia. it is an evil, evil objective. This tells me much."

"Perhaps he acquired the vehicle in some clandestine way?" Evelyne had asked, "Perhaps he even purchased it from them?"

Her father had shook his head. "You are no fool daughter, do not pretend to be one now. The Horde Cult has no need of gold, and never would they sell so much as the lowliest trinket. No, the Gar rides this vehicle of war to us as both a boast and a threat. He seeks to impress me while showing me he has deadly friends. It is not too late to slay him."

"I would that you let him live. Fortune blows an unexpected wind at times, Father."

"I fear we both shall regret this day daughter, but I have always done what you asked, so I shall not stop now."

They waited, and soon the vehicle arrived to the ruins of the Zalesian palace. The cloaked figure disembarked, and strode to the castle door, where loudly he knocked and pleaded entrance. The door was opened.The Gar man stood tall, a full head taller than the tall Lady Evelyne and he removed his purple shroud to reveal long clean back hair tied back by a leather cord, an expressive blue face, and a black handlebar mustache. His cloak was fastened by an antique korodite broach of a silver skull. He wore intricate purple armor that was inlaid with decorative skulls. the overall effect was regal and autocratic.He held out his hand to the Lady Eveleyne who grasped it in her own: and immediately she felt a thaumaturgenic connection so intense her eyes began to glow with it.

"My Lord and Lady, allow me to introduce myself I am.." he began.

"You are the Duke Keldor of the ancient House Of Keld." Lady Elevlyn had interrupted. "Your mother was a witch from the Isle Of Anwat Gar. She was from a long line of Gar nobility, and so the hatred for the Council Of Eternian Elders goes back very far in your line, does it not? Never have they forgiven the Councils insult to them for their role in the division of the Sword of Power. And they never will. Your father was a soldier, name lost to history. Your mother bedded with him... unthinkable! A Keld woman of noble blood bedding a common soldier? A witch at that! But..." Evelyn halted and her already glowing white eyes flamed further: "She bedded him because of his blood! He was from the line of Greyskull! But how can that be? How did the Council not know about him? " She smiled. "Ahhhhh, they did know about him, but they kept this secret from him! He could have demanded much of them, yes? Simply by right of birth? But they never told him!""So you are the progeny of a Keld Witch and a man from the line of Greyskull. So interesting! But you never knew your father and your mother did not speak to you at all of him. You were born strong in magic! So strong! Perhaps even as strong as I! Even as strong as my father? Perhaps. Your mother took this raw talent and refined it, taught you from the time you were a babe in the crib... your training was ceaseless, brutal... you were the means to an end. When you had seen but seven summers a man wearing a dead mans skull for a mask came for you and took you from your mother. She gave you up willingly... it was what she had been preparing and training you for. This man took you, a silent and watchful child... ever obedient, for that was how you were trained... to the Cult Of The Horde. You were told that they were your family now and you existed only to please them. You never saw their faces... any of them. The skull masks were everywhere. You would learn that to wear the skull mask was a great honor, it meant that you were accepted among the elect, and the skull had to belong to the man that you killed to take it. There was no other way. You longed for that, yes? You longed for that honor. All those hours sweeping floors, cleaning defecation chambers, scrubbing pots... it was all so you could wear the skull of a dead man. It would come in time... by then you had demonstrated great cruelty, yes? How many acolytes died under your blade? Rumors spread of you... stories... the Horde student who was as adept with a blade as he was with a channeling stave. There were those who came to challenge you... all those private shows you put on for your headmasters... just you and your challengers. No one ever knew what happened to the great Sir Reinen, did they? But you know. You and the three men behind the skull who watched a fifteen year old boy eviscerate the great knight with a blade that he himself had charmed. It was then you were given your mask and declared a Master, the youngest ever.""Ah, but that was just the beginning. You were taken aside in secret and told that you stood to inherit the power and secrets of the Cult, that you were to be an apprentice under the Master himself. The Master of Masters. You were taken to the Berserker Islands and introduced to a feeble ancient Shaman. So old he had no need of a mask, his very flesh was skull like, and riddled with corruption. For twenty years you were instructed by him in that abominable place, and then you were sent away with the full power of the Cult at your command, but you chose to come to us? And you bring something... powerful."

Keldor broke the grip and looked to the Faceless One, "My daughter can see into mens hearts." He said simply.

Keldor regained his composure and smiled. "The Lady Evelyne sees much, but not all," he said. "I will not deny her words, it would be futile, they are truth, yet not the whole truth. I seek to free Eternia from the clutches of the Council of Elders, an evil I believe the two of you to be well acquainted with, especially you Old One," he said to the Faceless One. 'And I do bring something powerful, but as a gift. It was given to me upon completion of my duties on the Berserker Isles, and I recognized its origins"He then reached deep into his cloak and removed a staff. It was made of pure black onx with a crystal embedded in a goatskull on the top, it glowed with thaumaturgenic power.The Faceless One gasped, he had never thought to see this object of power again, "The Havoc Staff," he said.Keldor nodded, "We have things to speak of," he said.

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