Ethereal Bonds - Chapter 1 - Takeoff
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So, the idea for this story came from the creation of itslead character. I made her drawing, but I didn’t want to up and show her off asjust a drawing, since I felt her relationship would be squandered if I up andshowed it first, so I decided to touch on it heavier for a story. The She-Rauniverse is owned by Mattel, while I own Fizzler, Blinks, and variousincidental characters. Please enjoy!




The blazing sun of the planet was muffled by industrialsmog, as it always was. The cold steel of buildings shadowed over the town, asthey always did. The few places that remained natural, the forests, the swamps,the plains, still hung around like they always had, even if they were still overshadowedby what used to be considered the tyrannical new. Despite this, in moments,this whole world would be far behind her.




A weary sigh broke out through the air, as a young womanwalked out of the door of one of the smaller buildings. She was slim, almost tothe point of gangliness. Wearing a black jacket with cream details that went toher elbows, drab olive green pants that cuffed at her knees, and shiny blackshoes, she could feel the wind tickle her exposed extremities, chilling her tothe bone, but she ignored it. Under her arm was a mustard-colored helmet with apurple visor attached to it. Lifting it up, the redhead plopped it over herhead, feeling the sides squeeze her sticking-out ears into her temple area, afeeling she would never get used to, as she snapped the chinstrap together.


As the slapping of rubber soles hitting concrete filled theempty air, the young woman walked over towards a small vehicle rested under asteel canopy attached to the side of the building. A scooter-looking vehicle,with a small trunk in the back and a sidecar connected to the right of it,along with a large touchscreen on the dashboard. Popping the trunk revealed asmall duffel bag, which she quickly unzipped and shifted through one more time.Extra clothing, a few essentials, and what looked like a curling iron handleattached to a purse handle.


“Good.” She said to herself in a raspy whisper, as shezipped the bag back up and shut the trunk with a comforting click.


Walking over to the sidecar of the vehicle, a tinny-soundingpurring pricked her ears up. Snuggled up in the seat was a silver feline-likecreature with black paws and tail tip. He was asleep on the seat, curled up ona scarf, a pair of gloves, and a belt.


“Good boy, Blinks.” She said, petting the head of thecreature’s smooth skin, slowly alerting him with a small “mrph” sound. “Nowplease, be an even gooder boy and do a little scooty-scooty away from my stufffor me, please?”


Grudgingly, Blinks lifted his head up, letting the objectsbe grabbed from under him. Once that was done, he quickly plopped back down.


“You’re a doll, sweetheart.” The woman said, grinning,revealing her large buck teeth, as she gave her pet another rub on the head.She wrapped the scarf around her neck, pulled one of her gloves on, and snappedthe belt around her, revealing a small satchel on the side of it that sheadjusted to sit on her hip. “Let’s see if I’ve got all of these straight, atleast…”


Snapping open the satchel, she quickly rummaged through itwith her ungloved hand. Rustling around through the compartments, she felt a sectionfilled with what felt like a large amount of beads, one section filled with a thinplastic card and a fairly thick folded pile of paper…and then the last section.It felt like a piece of laminated paper. Square. Small.


Before she could fully react to what she was touching, adigital beeping noise filled the air. Hastily snapping the bag shut and pullingthe other glove on, she rushed to the seat of the scooter, quickly checking thetext on the dashboard, and then pushing a simulated button on the touchscreen,which had the emblem of a speaker on it. The beeping quickly subsided, as themessage “answering” blinked onto the screen in place of the speaker.


“Hello?” She asked out, her voice sounding a bit shaky fromset-to-well-up tears.


“Oh, good! We made it before you left!” A deep masculinevoice said through the device. Even with an adult sound to the voice, it stillrang “high school jock” in its tone.


“Ty-Marr!” She grinned, quickly wiping her face with theback of her hand. “So you did care enough to call! Wait, you said ‘we’?”


“Lorell-Leerai’s here somewhere.” Ty-Marr explained.“Probably trying to get one of the youngins out of trouble, you know how theyare!”


“I honestly don’t.” The redhead sighed, but in a way thatsounded like lightheartedness was dancing through her voice.


“I’m here! I’m here.” A feminine voice suddenly called outfrom the other end. Nasally, with inflections that sounded like a Valley girlgrown up. “So, this is it, is it? Your big day?”

“Yep.” She said, sounding a bit pensive. “But it was one that had to happen,you know I’ve been working for this since…you know.”


“We don’t really get it, but we’re giving you our supportentirely.” Lorell-Leerai said, the chipperness that came out of her voice atfirst sounding like it was drained.


Soon, a hush filled the conversation, as the woman bit herlip with her top teeth, with the sounds of wind whipping through the air andthe muffled screams of joy of young children on the other side of the linebreaking the silence, but just enough from keeping it too awkward.


“…So, I finally figured out a codename for the mission!” Theyoung woman said, suddenly breaking up the silence in a voice that soundedalmost falsely chipper.


“Ooh! Which one did you go with?” Lorell-Leerai asked, hermood switching back to a genuine chipperness. “You went with “Fizzy”, didn’tyou? We’ve got the same mindset, you and me!”


“Honey, I think she went with “Sizzler”, like mysuggestion.” Ty-Marr responded back over the line.


“Actually, I kind of went with both!” The woman responded,rubbing the back of her neck, even though she knew they couldn’t see it.


“So…you went with…Sizzy?” Lorell-Leerai asked, her voicesteeped in obvious confusion.


“…Fizz-Sizz…?” Ty-Marr asked, mirroring his wife’s confusionin his voice.


“…Close! I went with Fizzler.” She responded to the two ofthem, trying not to choke on laughter at their suggestions. “I mean, itjust…felt like “me”. Do you think he’ll like it? I mean…when I finally tell himit?”


“I mean, he’s still him, and you’re still you.”Lorell-Leerai said. “At least, I think that’s still the case.”


“It’s more important that you like it than he does.” Ty-Maradded, almost sounding wearing, as if he had said something like this multipletimes.


“…I’m gonna hold onto hope that he’s going to like it! Imean, he likes me! He still has to!” Fizzler cut in, suddenly soundingdefensive.


“Either way, we’re wishing you the best!” Lorell-Leeraisaid, the chipperness slowly returning to her voice.


“I can’t thank you guys enough.” Fizzler responded,grinning. “Thank you guys…for everything.”


“We should be thanking you for everything!” Ty-Marrresponded back, also sounding like he was grinning.


“Let’s just say “thanks and welcome” in both cases.” Fizzlerquickly said, suddenly growing antsy. “I’m really sorry to be cutting thisshort, but I think my window’s going to be closing soon to start heading out.”


“Ah, we getcha.” Ty-Marr said, sounding a bit apologetic.“Welp, here’s a “thanks and welcome”…from both of us! And we’re wishing you thebest!”


“Bye-bye…Fizzler!” Lorrell-Leerai said, sounding off, whilealso sounding like she was trying to get used to the name.


“I hope to see you guys at some point again!” Fizzlerresponded, starting to hover her finger over the “hang up” button on thescreen.


“Bye!” Ty-Marr and Lorrell-Leerai’s voices said in sync.


“Bye!” Fizzler echoed, pressing the hang up button. Shecould swear she heard the two of them attempting to say “bye” one more time,but she quickly cut them off before one of their oh-so-common phone chainscould be started.


“Glad I got out of that.” She sighed in relief, turningtowards Blinks. “All right, buddy; it’s time for us to get this show on theroad!”


Before Fizzler could rev up the scooter, the ringtonesuddenly started to play again, as the touchscreen lit back up. She quicklylooked at the screen, as her face grew grim.


“Aw, cripes.” She sighed. “Not HER…”


Crossing her arms with an indignant huff, she let theringtone play itself out multiple times. Eventually, the click of another voicecame on.


“Hi!” Fizzler’svoice, crackly and faded from the answering machine spoke. “You’ve reached the newly-codenamed Fizzler! I’m probably outfulfilling the destiny that I’ve been working on my entire life and can’t getto you right now, so please leave a message after the beep! Bye-bye!”


After a few moments of white noise, the classic “beep” ofthe machine intoned, as a voice clicked on. Feminine, but high-pitched andnasally, as if you could hear the condescending nature coming out of it.


“Ugh, I hate that nickname…” The voice said, in a hushedtone that made it sound like she was trying to make sure Fizzler couldn’t hearher. She then cleared her throat, speaking in more obvious “listen to me” tones.“Okay, “Fizzler”. It’s me, Strikk-Nenn. So, I’ve heard you’re on your littleadventure now, are you? Probably won’t see us for ages, so guess I better makethis count! I’m…I’m…”


As some mumbling was heard on the phone, Fizzler’s eyerolled behind the visor of her helmet. Sheesh, not this prattle again…


“…I’m sorry.” Strikk-Nenn final responded, after what seemedlike countless mumbling. “For the years. And years. And years and years andyears of putting you down over this stupid thing. I guess…better late thannever, am I right?”


“Noted.” Fizzler dryly said under her breath.


“So, I take it in the best of your heart to forgive m--”


Before Strikk-Nenn could continue, the click of theanswering machine’s time limit cut her off, as the number “1” blinked onto thescreen next to the logo of a tape recorder.


“Good riddance, thought she’d never shut up!” Fizzler said,as she started to rev up the scooter. “All righty, Blinks! We’re on our way forthe adventure of a lifetime!”


Soon, the wheels of the vehicle started to roll, driving offthe canopy’s concrete onto the dusty ground. The two of them were off. However,after a block of driving, another sound came through…and this time it wasn’tthe ringtone.




Deep-voiced, metallic, and threatening in tone that yellwas. Sighing, Fizzler slammed on the breaks, causing her and her pet to lurchforwards, the annoyed sound from Blinks being a tell-tale sign for the both ofthem. Soon, the clanking of metal footsteps, along with the creaking of joints,filled the air, as whoever yelled walked towards them, stopping when theyreached the front of the car. Looking up, Fizzler gave a nervous grin to whowas there. Silver and black. Heavily armored. Two eyes in the void of thehelmet.


A Horde Trooper.


At least, they looked like a Horde Trooper? They were muchmore angular than what was recognized. Slimmer, older-looking. Of course, therewas also the fact the standard yellow eyes were replaced with glowing greenones, and the fact that the Horde insignia was ripped off and replaced with asheet of metal that didn’t exactly match the metal casing on the robot, butstill a Horde Trooper nonetheless.


“Is…there a problem, sir?” Fizzler asked, still nervouslygrinning.


“So.” The Horde Trooper said, his voice still sounding asthreatening as if he wasn’t bothering to yell. “It’s finally come to this, hasit?”


“…I suppose it has.” Fizzler responded, clenching onto thehandles of the scooter.


“After all this time.”


“All this time.”


“Well then.” The Horde Trooper said, still eyeing Fizzlerdown. Suddenly, his demeanor went softer. His eyes went downwards, and heloosened his stance. “Can’t believe you’re really doing it, kid.”


“I’m feeling exactly the same.” Fizzler said, her guise alsoloosening as well. “I’ve built up to this moment, and I’m finally taking it!”


“You’ve really grown since then.” The Horde Trooper added.“You’ve changed a lot; I’m just sorry it had to be through…well, that.”


“This is it, though!” Fizzler said, sounding insistent.“When I finish this, I’ll finally be able to prove all I’ve been doing isn’tfor nothing! This is my destiny completed!”


“You’re certainly driven, I’ll give you that.” The HordeTrooper said, sounding like he was chuckling. “Good luck out there, kid.”


“Thank you.” Fizzler grinned, as the Horde Trooper put areassuring hand on her shoulder.


“Go out there and prove yourself, kid.” The Horde Troopersaid, patting Fizzler’s shoulder. “You and the…little runt over there.”


“We will!” Fizzler said, as Blinks flopped down in disdain.


“Oh, and if you can, maybe give those newbies a little whatfor?” The Horde Trooper asked. “Freaking punks think they can just up andreplace us…”


“I’ll…see what I can do?” Fizzler nervously responded,becoming more aware that the Horde Trooper was now inavertedly squeezing hershoulder in rage now.


“That’s what I like to hear, kid!” The Horde Trooper said,sounding jovial under his threatening appearance, as he released Fizzler’sshoulder. “Go get ‘em, tiger!”


Giving a determined nod in return, Fizzler then pressed abutton on the console, as the Horde Trooper backed up, his eyes giving off theemotion of a tired, yet earnest, smile. Suddenly, a thick glass dome surroundedboth passengers of the scooter, as the wheels flipped to the sides. As pulsesof energy blasted down, the scooter started to propel itself upwards, asFizzler drove it as if she was still on the ground. Soon, the scooter was aspeck in the sky, as it rocketed into space.


“Good kid, that girl.” The Horde Trooper said to himself,giving a weary sigh. “Hope she finds him, if only for her own sake.”

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