Council Of Elders

Council Of Elders

Other Names:

-Elders Of Eternia
-Council Of The Wise
-Wizards Of Good


2002 MYP MOTU Cartoon Canon:

2002 MYP Council Of Elders

The Council of Elders was an august body of men and women who oversaw the governance of Eternian for many years.

Their service to the planet began during the time of King Grayskull.  Their exact relationship with the legendary king is unknown, but they were at his side when he decided to undertake a dangerous quest that would aide him in defeating the Horde. Later, they were also at his side as he drew his final breath.

When King Grayskull died, they were suffused with his energy. The transference left each of them with an ethereal silver glow, and the robes of leaders rather than warriors.  Since this was a look they maintained during their centuries-long stewardship of Eternia, it is probable that King Grayskull’s gift greatly extended their lifespans.

At some point, the Council of Elders moved Eternia’s seat of power to the Hall of Wisdom.  It was there that they met with a young soldier named Randor, and revealed to him that he would succeed them as Eternia’s sole ruler.  Before the astonished young man could reply, though, the Hall of Wisdom was attacked by a dark warlord named Keldor.  During the course of the battle, the Council of Elders vanished in a flash of light.

Unknown to all but a very select few, the Elders had transformed themselves into a powerful orb of energy and transported to Castle Grayskull, where the Sorceress could offer them further protection.

Although the Sorceress was forced to tap into their powers from time-to-time when faced with a powerful adversary, the Elders themselves were not seen again until Eternia itself was threatened by the reanimated snake-god Serpos.  Their spirits emerged from castle’s abyss, and imprisoned the giant beast in a tomb of stone once more.

In part because of their extended rule over Eternia, there is much about the Council of Elders that has been lost to time, or confused over the years.  For instance, it is known that they helped Zodak banish the Snake-Men at one point, yet the Sorceress told Prince Adam that the Horde’s reign outlasted the serpents; therefore, the Elders would not have had access to King Grayskull’s powers at the time.  Perhaps even the Sorceress was confused (weakened, as she was, by King Hsss’ venom at the time), or perhaps the Snake-Men managed a resurgence after the fall of King Grayskull.  The Council of Elders along may know what really happened.


1987 German Ehpa MOTU Comic Canon:



1986 UK MOTU Magazine Canon:

This version of the Council Of Elders, was featured in the 1980's UK Magazines. It was governing body was ruled by the wise, Keclar, 5,000 years before the birth of He-Man.

When the jewelled Gem-Stone of Power crashed on Eternia, Keclar used it to forge the Sword of Power and Sword Of Protection, that would stand for the just and righteous everywhere. Later, Tyn-Mah would betray the Council Of Elders to create a sword, from the Gem-Stone of Power, that was filled with pure evil. But when the Council learns of his action, Tyn-Mah is banished to the "Void Of Nothingness". To make sure that the evil sword didn't fall into the wrong hands, Kelcar used the Power Sword to split it into two, destroying it. Keclar than hid the two peaces in two different undiclosed places.

The Council was also responsible for created Castle Grayskull, the Cosmic Crystal.


1983 Kid Stuff MOTU Records Canon:


1983 Golden Books Canon:

#1) The Council of Elders was once the main ruling body in the days of old.

When an evil warlord by the name of, Dyr, came to Eternia, he built a mighty weapon called the Sunbird. With the Sunbird, Dyr planned to overthrow the wise and benevolent Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders successfully defeated Dyr and the Sunbird was dismantled into separate components. The Council of Elders took each of the four separate pieces and hid them in different places across Eternia.

The Council of Elders would go on to combine their powers and knowledge to create the "Crystal of Knowledge", where their knowledge would live forever. The crystal found a home, deep beneath Castle Grayskull, locked in the "Vault of Knowledge".

#2) The Council of the Wise, was an ancient ruling faction, made up of the wisest people in the land.

The planet of Eternia was separated into two. One side was the side of light, while the other was the side of night. Evil lurked on the planet's night side, held back by a mystic wall. The council eventually was spoiled by the rich life they were living. The Sorceress told council, that it was the time to live alone again. They knew that the evil would one day break through the wall, so all the members of this council combined all their powers to create Castle Grayskull. With this castle and the magic within, their would be a champion, who would claim this power to battle the evil.

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