He-Ro II, Son Of He-Man

He-Ro II
Heroic Son Of He-Man

Real Name: Dare, Of The House Of He-Man

Dare is the son of King He-Man and Queen Teela. By the Power Of Grayskull, Prince Dare uses the Power Sword, to transform him into He-Ro II, a mighty warrior, who battles The Unnamed One, Skeleteen and the new Evil Warriors, in a bold new struggle to decide the fate of Eternia. He is aided by his know-it-all Raven, known as Craven, transforms into the mighty Battle Bird, who flies He-Ro II into battle.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

After He-Man returned to Eternia following the apparent defeat of Skeletor, he at long last wed his childhood friend and sweetheart Teela. Together they ruled over a peaceful Eternia, free at last from the factions that had fought over it for so long. But in his distant dimensional prison, the Unnamed One re-amassed power. With the help of Evil-Lyn’s son, he was released and struck out against guardians of the Sword of He. Dare, the teenage son of Adam and Teela, took his rightful place and claimed his father’s sword, becoming the new He-Ro, named for the legendary Wizard Warrior of Preternia. Using the Sword of Power, He-Ro fought the Unnamed One, eventually slaying him with the very power he once sought to control.


- In the unofficial He-Ro, Son Of He-Man Bible, Lou Scheimer and the Filmation crew, stated that Dare was really the child of Adora and Sea Hawk. As a jungle boy, King Adam and Queen Teela adopted the boy.

- The MOTUC bio of King He-Man tells us that Dare is actually the legitimate son of King He-Man and Queen Teela. 

MOTUC Mini-Comic Appearances:

Other Sources:

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Sword Of Power
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