Orko - Heroic Court Magician
Real Name: Orko The Great

After the rise of the Horde Empire, evil again outweighed the forces of good in the five dimensions. So in every generation a Cosmic Warrior was recruited by the Overlords of Trolla to fight against evil. Each was given the Sword of He, a weapon infused with the Power of the Universe. They were also assigned a Trollan guide to watch over and advise them in their quests. 

Orko was the greatest wizard back on his world of Trolla, hailed as “Orko the Great” amongst his fellow Trollans. After accidentally arriving on Eternia during the season of storms, Orko was adopted by the Royal family. Orko has constantly proved his worth, while his amusing tricks and quick wit entertain the Royal court. Orko occasionally becomes homesick for Trolla, but his girlfriend Dreelle and his uncle Montork regularly visit him to keep him informed. Orko and his Uncle Montork have a very strong bond as Montork is the one that that taught Orko every trick he knows. Orko loves Drelle, and she showers him with wide-eyed adoration. Since Orko is still known as a powerful magician on Trolla. Drelle sees the potential that he possesses. Orko is a very popular figure at the Royal place and he is a confidant to Prince Adam, Cringer and Teela. He is always ready to be brave for his fellow Eterians, Orko is one of He-Man’s greatest allies, not so much in battle but more in friendship the two share. Orko often finds himself rescued by He-Man from danger or his own foolishness. Next to Adam, Cringer is his closest friend. Both take comfort intheir cowardice and desire for safety. Ironically Battlecat picks on Orko constantly for his lack of courage. Orko’s magic typically goes awry, quite often having an adverse comical affects on Man-At-Arms. Orko will seek out the Sorceress at Castle Grayskull when he needs a confidant away from the palace. Orko’s powers work extremely well in Trolla, but on the planet Eternia his powers work in reverse hence his tricks and spells go horrible wrong. Orko powers are vast, from simple parlor tricks to teleportation

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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Trollans
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Trolla
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Magic Wand, Orko's Pendent
CORRELAZIONI : Royal Palce of Eternia
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