Leader Of The Monster Riders

Evil Ruler Of Morc
Real Name: Charmi

Charmi was the tyrantical ruler of the Demension Of Morc, or the Land Of Monsters. Charmi used his Monster Riders to rule with an iron fist. Charmi was a master at controlling beasts with mind control.

History #1 (Comics):

Charmi and his Monster Riders had overthrown the original rulers of the Dimension Of Morc. He sent his Monster Riders to Eternia, to lure He-Man to the Dimension Of Morc. Charmi's plan went as he desired. He-Man was captured by Charmi and forced to fight a huge beast in Charmi's arena.n the struggle with the monster, He-Man throws rocks at it until one of them bounces off in the direction of the balcony on which Charmi stood, causing him to fall down to the ground, where the beast steps on him and crushes him. The beast is now free of his mind control and goes on a rampage in the city, driving the Monster Riders out of the city and allowing the Humans to take back their home.

Trivia (Clawful94): The name "Charmi" is a translation from the word "Morc". Morc is often mistaken as the name of the Monster Riders' Leader. Morc is actually the dimension that took place in the story. The character is actually unnamed.

Spanish Zinco Comic Appearances:

Interpart-German Comic Appearances:

SPECIE : Unknown Race
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Dimension: Morc
SESSO : Male
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