She-Ra - Princess Of Power
Real Name: Adora, Of The House Of Randor

She-Ra is known as the Princess, the heroine alter ego of Princess Adora, and the twin sister of He-Man (Prince Adam). She-Ra possesses long blonde hair that is one of her only major differences from Adora, a short white dress decorated with metal patterns as well as a crown in her hair and a red cape. She wears golden boots and long golden bracers on her arms (elbows to wrists). She has blue eyes and red lips and looks a lot like Adora since they are one. She carries a sword with a crystal in the middle in a scabbard (that seems to only appear when she needs it) on her back. She wears a crown presumably made with the same metal of the patterns on her dress.

She-Ra seems to exhibit fierce loyalty and she is a good planner. once a bird attacked her and she helped the harmed wing of the bird showing that she thought things through and she wasn't afraid to stand up and help it even though it was against her friends wishes. Only three individuals that know her secret besides Adam and the Sorceress, including: Madame Razz, Kowl and Light Hope.

She-Ra displays a number of above average physical abilities and numerous supernatural abilities. She has super strength, enhanced speed, reflexes, and near-invulnerability. She is also able to communicate with her steed Swiftwind and the Sorceress by means of telepathy.In the episode The Unicorn King, she demonstrated the ability to heal injuries by touching the damaged wings of a unicorn. It is unclear how far this ability extends. The injury itself was the result of magic, so it may have been a case of simply removing the effects of the magic.She has the ability to transform her sword in to other weapons, including a shield, boomerang, bola, lasso, and a giant handcuff. It can also be transformed in to tools, including a ladder and a space helmet.While she displays various abilities, her primary means of attack and defense are her sword.


In her true form (Princess Adora), She-Ra learnt that she was a stolen child from an alternate planet known as Eternia. Furthermore, she learnt that not only was she a princess on this planet but she also has a twin brother with the ability to become He-Man; hero and champion of Eternia. Learning of her past and true destiny, Adora transforms into She-Ra, protecting and defending the people of Etheria against the Evil Horde. She-Ra is determined to rid her planet of the intergalatic army and restore the planet to normality in the hopes to reunite with her family on Eternia.

Commentary From Clawful94: She-Ra was voiced by Melendy Britt in the Filmation Princess Of Power cartoons. She was originally gonna be called "She-Man".

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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Female
ARMI : The Sword of Protection
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