Frosta - Heroic Ice Empress Of Etheria
Real Name: Mackenzie
Aliases: Queen Frosta, Queen Mackenzie
Quote: "I hear young hotheads spouting old hatreds. A typical beginning for the horrors of war".

The beautiful and exotic friend of She-Ra, Frosta is the Queen of Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snow on Etheria. She is a powerful ice sorceress and a member of The Great Rebellion. Frosta is a member of the Ice Elemental race, known as Snow People. Like her parents, Frosta possesses magic that lets her conjure ice spells against her enemies. She possesses a magic wand that whistles like the wind and lets her conjure freezing rain against her opponents. She is sweet, kind and loyal to her allies. Frosta has the power to freeze anything she desires. She is able to produce ice and snow even 
in warmer areas of Etheria. She can also fire ice from her hands enabling her to freeze objects or her enemies. Other abilities expressed by Frosta include a telepathic-skill, enabling her to call upon her ice-powers in secret and thus helping her out of sticky situations and a nifty method of transport, where she would freeze thin-air and make a pathway on which to travel. She rides a blue horse named, Winter.


The beautiful and exotic friend of She-Ra, Frosta is Queen of the Kingdom of Snows, high in the mountains of Etheria where she resided with her people, in Castle Chill. Frosta's people have had a long-term hatred of the Selkies, a neighboring race in the Kingdom Of Galacia. Frosta believed her nation was safe from the invading Hordesmen, until Modulok instigated a war between the Snow People and the selkies, with his invention the Weather Wheel.

Together with She-Ra and other members of the Great Rebellion, she traveled through a Laser Gate to Eternia, joining with the Renegade Masters of the Universe in the continued fight against Hordak's tyranny!


Frosta was voiced by Erika Schiemer in the Princess Of Power Filmation Cartoon.


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SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Kingdom Of Snows
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Frosta's Magic Staff
The power to control ice and snow.
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