Montork (Uncle Montork)

Uncle Montork - Heroic Trollan Magician
Real Name: Montork

Orko's uncle from the planet of Trolla. He is a member of the Trollan, race of beings. He is the Head Master Of The Academy Of Magic. Montork is one of the oldest trollans known and has the greatest knowledge of some of the oldest spells of magic known to trolla. Montork has a brother named, Dorko, who is the complete opposite of Montork. It is unclear whether Orko's Mother or Father was Montork's sibbling.


Because of his knowledge on magic and wisdom, this makes him the head master at the Trollan Academy of Magic. He was even offered a spot to be in the Crimson Council, a group similar to Eternia's Masters of the Universe. However, Montork turned it down, being content with his position at the academy. Even though Montork is very old, that doesn't mean he acts like it. He can be laid back as a youngster, but he does know when to get serious. He has known Orko since he was a baby, being the one who raised him himself when his parents died. He taught Orko about every trick he knows so far and still had a lot to teach him, unfortunately he never got the chance to teach him everything he knows when Orko went missing during a Cosmic Storm, a rare storm that was rumored to transport people from one world to another. This shattered Montork by a great deal, since he felt that Orko was like a son to him, he feels like he didn't do enough to help the lost trollan. After a few years since that incident, Montork has mostly kept to himself. I wasn't until another storm transported him to a distant land that he truly knew that Orko was alright.

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SPECIE : Trollans
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Trolla
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Magic Wand
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