Heroic Maiden Of Primus
Real Name: Drissi

This beautiful, gentle young lady is in charge of tending to thelovable animals on Primus. Drissi is seventeen years old,slender and blonde. Drissi‘s hair is long and flowing, her eyesa blazing violet. She wears stylized-Roman bracelets andstylized a white toga that ends at mid-thigh.

She tends her flock of cuddly alien animals with a golden staff,spending her days in the peaceful meadows of Primus. Drissi isattuned to the ways of Nature. She is countrywise and, thus,understands He-Man more than anyone else on Primus. Like He-Man,she is ‘of the land'. Like He-Man, her instincts are finelyhoned. She is not so tied to science as the others of her raceand because of this He-Man will find a sympathetic ear when he isoccasionally overwhelmed by Primus' technology.

Because she sees a kindred spirit in He-Man, she is attracted tohim, But because she is reserved and sensitive, she would neverlet him know her true feelings. She is also a woman He-Manrespects, because when it is necessary, when her animals orfriends are threatened, she becomes a woman of action, fightingwith her wits like he does.

Drissi dearly loves the animals in her care, always nuzzlingthem, worrying about them. Putting one of the animals injeopardy is a perfect way for Skeletor to lure her into danger.

SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Oasis Of Primus
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Golden Herding Staff
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