Meriac is a trader from Denebria, who resides in Gorn City. He also works as He-Man's contact on Denebria. Long before he even met He-Man and Skeletor, Meliac had a son who was killed in a mineshaft cave-in.


Long before he even metHe-Man and Skeletor, Meriac had fathered a son, who was killed in amineshaft cave in. When the trithuseum generator was destroyed onPrimus, He-Man was forced to journey to Denebria to find trithuseumcrystals. He encountered Meliac in a Gorn City tavern, and arrangedto meet him at a nearby mine to get the crystals. Little did He-Manknow that Meriac had already been contacted by Skeletor, who hadpromised him a great reward for taking care of He-Man. Meriac and hishenchmen battled He-Man in the mine, and were ultimately defeatedbefore Skeletor arrived to punish Meliac for his failure. Just beforeplunging into a deep pit, he was saved by He-Man, the act of kindnessfrom the hero beginning a friendship between the two. Meriac remainedthe contact of the Primans on Denebria following He-Mans act ofkindness, showing no loyalty to the Mutants that ruled the planet,Meriac would provide the Primans with information on the Mutantsactivites, or help them whenever they visited the planet. FollowingFlipshots failed shot at being the Sheriff of Gorn City, Meriacstepped in, his wise and fair attitude finally bringing some peace tothe crime ridden town Meriac is often assissted by a group ofcycloptic creatures like himself

Cartoon Appearences 

  • "Quest For TheCrystals
  • "Sword& Staff"
  • "TheSheriff of Gorn City"
  • "There'sGems In Them Hills"
  • "The Blacksmith ofCrelus"

SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Primus
SESSO : Male
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