Lord Tyrin

Lord Tyrin - Heroic/Evil Energy Vampire
Real Name: Tyrin

The bold, yet twisted Lord Tyrin stretches back many years. Two hundred years ago Lord Tyrin along with his partner, Lady Valtira, were once an extremely dangerous couple that roamed Eternia seeking as much power as they could. Though not necessarily evil, the means by which they kept themselves beautiful involved destroying Eternia's natural beauty. Over time the power slowly warped them and their good looks faded. In order to let the forests grow and the people of Eternia forget how evil they were, both Lady Valtira and Lord Tyrin went into a long two hundred year sleep. When Lord Tyrin woke from his long slumber he discovered that he had withered greatly, his skin had turned green and he was unrecognizable to Lady Valtira. Lord Tyrin's jealousy warped his mind and his anger was directed at both Lady Valtira and He-Man. The amulets that both Lord Tyrin and Lady Valtira wear appear to be tied quite closely with the powers they possess. Upon renouncing his power and destroying the amulet, Lord Tyrin is returned to his once youthful self.

Trivia: George DiCenzo voiced Lord Tyrin in "Sleeper's Awaken".

Cartoon Appearances:

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
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