Maxis The Invincible

Maxis The Invincible
Evil Mutant Slave Master
Real Nane: Unknown

Maxis (also known as Maxis The Invincible) is a mutant from Denebria, that was banished by Skeletor to the snowy planet Omega-4, the last planet in the Tri-Solar Galaxy. Maxis is an ape-like mutant, with incredible power that comes from his cybernetic-goggles, that are mounted on his helmet. The goggles gives him the abilities of freeze vision and heat vision. His Lackey is Zark , a two-headed, dragon-like mutant, who obeys Maxis's every command. They are both in cold weather gear because the planet the planet of Omega 4, is frozen waste land. On Omega-4, he and Zark, put the population to work mining a deadly gas called "Black Omega", which had the power to destroy the shield of Primus. Skeletor planned to capture some Black Omega to use on the Shield Of Primus.

Trivia (Clawful94): Maxis was a one-shot villain from the NA of He-Man. It was unclear if he and his lacky, Zark, were once part of Floggs Evil Space Mutants. At this point, it is unknown who voiced him in the Jetlag Cartoons.

New Adventures Jetlag Cartoon Appearances:

SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Helmet (Heat And Freeze Vision From His Vizar)
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