Sorceress Of Castle Grayskull (Teela Na)

The Sorceress had a great vision - in which she saw that the future of humanity would depend on Eternia's hero, He-Man. The people of the future world of Primus were under threat from the vastly more powerful Evil Mutants of Denebria, and He-Man was their only hope.

The Sorceress told He-Man of her vision, and informed him that there was now little time - travelers from the future had arrived looking for He-Man, and Skeletor had already deceived them into thinking he was the hero they sought. Soon after, Adam revealed his secret identity as He-Man to his parents, whom the Sorceress assured would be safe - Eternia would be a land free from Skeletor. He-Man and Skeletor's destiny was now in the future.

After arriving in the future, He-Man was heartened to find that he could still speak with the Sorceress. The Sorceress was able to reach out across time and space and help guide He-Man in his travels in the future - often providing the hero with valuable assistance, but also helping him to develop his own skills and powers - by giving him cryptic messages that he would need to figure out for himself.

The Sorceress also sensed that He-Man was unhappy, and missed his family and friends - so used a rare opportunity to bring her daughter, and He-Man's friend, Teela, to the future.

As well as speaking to He-Man, the Sorceress was also able to communicate with Master Sebrian, once helping He-Man's other wise mentor to fend off a group of murderous clones. In one of the most powerful displays of her power - The Sorceress reached into the future and created a magical tunnel which He-Man used to divert a massive asteroid away from Primus.



ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Castle Grayskull
SESSO : Female
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