Bone Crushing Goon Squad Mutant

Other Name(s): Stickel-Vat

1984 World Annual MOTU/POP Books Canon:

Karatti was a dull-witted Mutant from a desert region of Denebria whose fearsome karate blows made him a formidable opponent. Like most of the region's inhabitants, he was a cowardly fiend and would only attack those he knew to be weaker than himself.

One of Flogg’s Mutant warriors, Karatti was one of the first to encounter He-Man. He was often partnered with his fellow Mutant Hoove. During the Mutant occupation of Primus, he was reported to have conquered the underwater city of Serus. Later, he was the only one to see through He-Man's disguise when he infiltrated the Mutant Mothership.

Never one to back down from a fight, Karatti was one of the Galactic Guardians' most powerful adversaries, proving to be nearly a match for He-Man. Though he was sometimes seen with a blaster, his preferred weapons were his own two hands, skilled as he was in martial arts.

1987 Italian Mattel pa Magic Boy MOTU/POP Magazines Canon:

Karratti (Italy)

ln Karatti’s first appearance in the Magic Boy comics, he looked completely different than he did in any other media. He was a large, helmeted brute with red, silver, and blue armor. Karatti appeared to possess great strength. In later issues, Karatti's appearance was altered to more closely reflect that of his action figure. Karatti once pretended to join a peaceful religious group in order to steal a powerful gem which could control a sea monster. He was a master of martial arts and, when he encountered Nocturna for the first time, announced, "Long have I wanted to measure my skills in karate with yours in kung fu."

1990 New Adventures Of He-Man Animated Series Canon:

Karatti is another of Flogg’s Mutant Warriors, and was one of the first Mutants to fight He-Man after the Mutants finally broke through the shield. Although he seemed to be quickly dispatched by He-Man on their first encounter, Karatti gained the upper hand later when he challenged He-Man in hand to hand combat. Using his karate training and agility, he was able to knock He-Mans Sword Of Power from his hands, and might have bested him in combat if not for the intervention of the Primus gardener, Grot.

Karatti also put up a good fight against Hydron in the Quagmi Swamp, with the Galactic Guardian having to move quickly to avoid Karatti’s powerful strikes.

Karatti seems loyal and dedicated in his work, when he noticed a Mutant Trooper had not saluted Flogg on the Mothership, he demanded that the trooper show his leader the proper respect. Thanks to Karatti’s observation, the trooper was in fact revealed to be He-Man in disguise.

When the Mutants occupied Primus, Quakke reported to Flogg that Karatti had been victorious in conquering the underwater city of Serus.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

The Classics canon added little to the characterization. StickeI-Vat, better known as Karatti, had a desire for power and wealth that made it easy for Skeletor to recruit him in a mutiny against the Horde.


- Karatti's prototype was used as this character, in early publications. Fans named the prototype: Crystoll.

- Karatti was voiced by Ted Cole, in the "New Adventures Of He-Man" animated series.


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1990 World Annual MOTU Book Appearances:

1991 German He-Man Bastei-Verlag Comic Appearances:

2014 DC MOTU The Eternity War Comics:


ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Power Knife, Laser Axe Blaster
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