Bone Crushing Goon Squad Mutant

Real Name: Stickel-Vat

Karatti is one of the original members of the evil Space Mutants, established by Flogg. Karatti is known for his deadly martial arts and hand-to-hand combat skills. Hailing from the Desert Region of Denebria, Karatti is armed with a Laser Axe and Power Knife.
While not possessing any special powers, Karatti has more than made for it with his karate abilities. In battle, Karatti uses his terrible bone-crushing karate blows, making him one of the most fearsome fallowers of Flogg. Depending on which continuety you want to fallow, he is both described as one of the more intelligent Mutants or one of the most dumbest Mutants, serving Flogg. Fortunately for the Evil Mutants, Karatti uses his combat moves to fight the Galactic Guardians. Karatti most often works with Hoove in battle, and together they form a deadly combination of brains and brawn.

Origin #1 (Jetlag Cartoons):

Karatti is another of Flogg’s Mutant Warriors, and was one of the first Mutants to fight He-Man after the Mutants finally broke through the shield. Although he seemed to be quickly dispatched by He-Man on their first encounter, Karatti gained the upper hand later when he challenged He-Man in hand to hand combat. Using his karate training and agility, he was able to knock He-Mans Sword Of Power from his hands, and might have bested him in combat if not for the intervention of the Primus gardener, Grot. Karatti also put up a good fight against Hydron in the Quagmi Swamp, with the Galactic Guardian having to move quickly to avoid Karatti’s powerful strikes. Karatti seems loyal and dedicated in his work, when he noticed a Mutant trooper had not saluted Flogg on the Mothership, he demanded that the trooper show his leader the proper respect. Thanks to Karatti’s observation, the trooper was in fact revealed to be He-Man in disguise. When the Mutants occupied Primus, Quakke reported to Flogg that Karatti had been victorious in conquering the underwater city of Serus.

Origin #2 (MOTUC Bios):

Karatti has a head as hard as the rocks of the desert region of Denebria where he lives. Unfortunately for the other evil mutants, he also possesses as much brain as one of the rocks. Although armed with a laser axe, it is the terrible bone-crushing karate blows that make him so fearsome. Fortunately for the Galactic Protectors, he is as cowardly as most of the other inhabitants of Denebria and will only attack those whom he knows to be weaker than himself. He gladly allied himself with Skeletor who offered promises of power and wealth to all who aided him in mutiny against the Horde. Karatti uses his combat moves to fight the Galactic Protectors

Commentary (Clawful94): Karatti's prototype name was Crystoll, and he was supposed to be a crystal creature. Some comicbooks used the character with the name Karatti but the original appearance, before the toy with the definitive appearance was released. Karatti was voiced by Ted Cole, in the "New Adventures Of He-Man" cartoon.

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ALLEANZA : Space Mutants
SPECIE : Mutants
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Power Knife, Laser Axe Blaster
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