Master Sebrian

Master Sebrian
Wise & Spiritual Leader Of Primus
Real Name: Sebrian

Master Sebrian is a wise and spiritual Elder Of Primus and the most zealous supporter of the Galactic Guardians in the Planetary Council. His intricate knowledge of the world around him, coupled with magical powers and mystical wisdom made him an important addition to the He-Man mythos. Master Sebrian is a keeper of the secret of Adam being He-Man. He adopted Adam as his nephew, to hide his alter ego of He-Man.

Origin #1 (Jetlag Cartoons)

Master Sebrian is the spiritual leader of Primus and one of the wisest beings in all the land. His research in how to defend Primus from the Space Mutants, led him to discover a defender in the past with the "Power of the Good and the Way of the Magic". With the permission of the Inner Council Of Primus, he arranged a misson to have Captain Hydron and Flipshot travel into the past to find this defender. When Captain Hydron and Flipshot returned with He-Man from the past, they also brought back his arch nemesis, Skeletor, with them. After the ensueing battle between the two forces, Master Sebrian applauded He-Man's great strength and bravery. He devised a plan to hide Adam's alter ego of He-Man, by adopting Adam as his ‘nephew‘, from Levitan.

Trivia (Clawful94): Master Sebrian was voiced by Antony Holland in the "New Adventures Of He-Man" cartoon series. Even though Master Sebrian was never released as a toy, he is mentioned in Staghorn's figure bio.

New Adventures Jetlag Cartoon Appearances:

MOTUC Mini-Comic Appearances:

MOTU DC Comics – The Eternity War Appearances

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Primus
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Wooden Walking Stick
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