Daring Space Ace

Other Name(s): TC Icarius Kaz, Icarus

Flipshot is a daring space pilot from the Cloud City of Levitan in the Western Continent of Primus. A lieutenant of the Galactic Guardians and a diplomat to the Galactic Council, Flipshot utilizes a Battle Helmet, Back-Mounted Jet pack, Air Hook-Shot and Rocket Launcher in battle. Flipshot personally armed with his own selection of missiles, although in single combat it is his speed and agility - in particular his back flip - which makes him such a deadly foe.

1984 MOTU/POP World Annual Books Canon:

In the "World UK Books", Flipshot is described as the son of the legendary Lord Acarath, a Priman leader and martyr of the Denebrian wars.

1989 He-Man Mini-Comics Canon:

Flipshot first appears in the minicomic The New Adventure, where he and Captain Hydron go to Eternia searching for He-Man, but Skeletor tricks them into thinking he is He-Man, and makes them siphon the power of Castle Grayskull into their ship, but Prince Adam arrives on the ship, becomes He-Man and reveals the truth to the Galactic Guardians.In the following minicomics, Battle for the Crystal and The Revenge of Skeletor!, he uses the Bolajet against whoever is driving the Terrorclaw (Slush Head and Optikk in the former, Flogg in the latter).

1990 He-Man Animated Series Canon:

Flipshot is a regular in the animated series. His catchphrase comes when getting ready for battle, as he's asked "Are you ready?" (mostly by Hydron) and he always answers "I was born ready!". Most of the time, his arrogance gets him in trouble.

2008 Master Of The Universe Classics Canon:

A great pilot from the cloud city of Levitan on planet Primus, Icarius is equipped and ready to “flip” into battle at a moment's notice. After his 18th birthday, he left home to join the Galactic Protectors. Rising to the rank of Lieutenant, Icarius traveled with Captain Hydron on his quest to find the legendary twin warriors prophesied to defeat the Horde Empire. Arriving on the distant planet Eternia shortly after the end of the Second Ultimate Battleground, they recruited not only He-Man and She-Ra, but several other Masters of the Universe who were eager to pursue Skeletor to the stars. Nicknamed “Flipshot,” Icarius utilizes a battle helmet, back mounted jet pack and concussion grenade wrist rockets in battle against Skeletor and his new Space Mutant army.


- Flipshot was voiced by Scott McNeil in the "New Adventures Of He-Man" cartoon series.

- When MattyCollector released Flipshot, he was named Icarus because they couldn't get the copywrite for the name "Flipshot".


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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : City Of Levitan
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Wrist-Mounted Rocket Launcher
Back-Mounted Jet Pack
Helmet w/ Visor
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