Sorceress Of Castle Grayskull (Teela Na)

Not much is known about the mysterious oracle who called herself the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.  Most Eternians were ignorant of the castle itself, much less its reclusive protector.

She was already living in the castle during the tumultuous period known as the Great Unrest, and its lonely walls had grown too much for her to bear.  Seeing an opportunity for a brief respite, she seized at the chance and left her post.

The Sorceress found herself drawn to a tiny village called Pelleezeea, where she was able to indulge in common pleasures that had previously been unavailable to her, such as picking wildflowers and touring a village market.

Sadly, her peace and tranquility was interrupted by a local warlord named Prahvus.  The horned villain and his comrades attacked the village, and quickly wiped out their defenses with the help of a traitor named Odiphus.  The Pelleezeeans were at a loss, but the Sorceress was not about to let her newfound friends suffer at the hands of the invaders.  She borrowed the chieftain’s staff, and used it as a conduit for her powers.  Within moments, she had wiped out not only Prahvus’ minions, but the beast himself.  After the dust had settled, she spared Odiphus the wrath of his fellows, and instead he was put to work on a statue that bore a resemblance to the Sorceress.

Shortly thereafter, a wounded soldier was brought to the village.  She helped the heavily bandaged man through his recovery, although he had little memory of his past.  Eventually, their relationship turned to one of love, and they were married.  Not long after that, however, the Sorceress awoke to find that her groom had vanished in the night.  She searched for him, but the quest was cut short by a summons from Castle Grayskull:  It was time for her to return.

But she did not return alone.  She now carried her missing husband’s child, a girl who would be named Teela.  Despite her feelings toward the child and the connection it gave her to her wayward love, the Sorceress knew that she could not offer the kind of life that Teela deserved.  Therefore, with a heavy heart, she asked Man-At-Arms to raise Teela in her stead.

Around the same time, the Sorceress also became involved in a plan to help Man-At-Arms contain the steadily growing forces of evil on the dark hemisphere of Eternia.  Together, using his technological skills and her powers, they fashioned the legendary Mystic Wall.

Before they could enact their master plan, though, the course of Eternia’s future would be changed forever.  Keldor—the most dangerous of the Masters’ foes at the time—launched an assault on the Council of Elders in the Hall of Wisdom.  A vicious battle was fought, during which the Elders vanished.  In the end, Keldor’s plan was foiled by a vile of his own toxic brew turned against him.  The forces of evil fled to their base, Snake Mountain, and Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress created the barrier that would incarcerate them for years to come.  With the Elders gone, the leader of the Masters, a young warrior named Randor, was proclaimed king of Eternia.

What few knew, was that the Elders had merged together and formed a mystical orb that was hidden in the depths of Castle Grayskull.  The Sorceress vowed to keep them safe, alongside the fortress’ other secrets.

Sixteen seasons of the field passed, during which the citizens of Eternia’s light hemisphere knew relative peace under the rule of King Randor and Queen Marlena.  And then, the Mystic Wall fell.  Led by Keldor, who now went by the name Skeletor, the forces of evil plagued Eternia once more.

On that very day, the Sorceress instructed Man-At-Arms to bring Prince Adam, son of Randor and Marlena, to Castle Grayskull.  She offered him the Sword of Power, which had once belonged to King Grayskull himself, but the brash young man scoffed at the offer and refused.  It wasn’t until after the unexpected capture of his father and near destruction of the Royal Palace that Adam reconsidered.

Without wasting time, the Sorceress led Adam into the Crystal Chamber, and summoned the Sword of Power from its hiding place deep in the abyss.  As she watched, the young prince called upon the powers of Grayskull for the first item, transforming into the legendary hero called He-Man!

At first, Skeletor remained ignorant of the powers housed within the decrepit fortress, but eventually he realized that the powers of the Elders themselves were contained within.

During one particularly violent battle between Skeletor’s warriors and the Masters, Teela was gravely injured by Tri-Klops.  As soon s the fight was over, the Sorceress instructed Man-At-Arms to bring her into the castle for a transfusion. The mixing of their blood unlocked Teela’s latent ability for telepathy, which Evil-Lyn took advantage of to spring a trap.  In the end, however, the villains were defeated once more, but Teela was left with numerous questions.  She ventured into the shadowy castle alone, looking for answers.  But the Sorceress felt she was not ready for the truth yet, and remained hidden in the shadows.

At times, the Sorceress’ steely resolve even frustrated those that knew her best, such as Man-At-Arms.  But, she never withheld information to be cruel—she only did what she thought was for the best.

The Sorceress was also a great fighter, not just with magic but physically as well.  During a ferocious battle with King Hsss, she held her ground for quite a while before eventually succumbing to his mystical energy snakes.  She was also capable of erecting shields that covered the entire castle, and tapping into the very essence of the Elders’ powers.


ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Castle Grayskull
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Staff
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