Apprentice Of Hordak

Real Name: Keldor, Of The House Of Miro
Other Name(s): Skeletor, Captain Keldor & Prince Keldor

1983 Mattel MOTU/POP Mini-Comics Canon:

Keldor never appeared in any form of the 1980s Masters of the Universe line, and was only mentioned in one of the final minicomics, The Search for Keldor. In that story, Randor explains that his brother Keldor sought to master the forces of magic, but that he vanished years ago when his experiments backfired, leaving him lost in "dimensions beyond time." Randor and the Sorceress hope to use the power of the Three Towers to peer through the veil between dimensions. When Skeletor learns of this plan, he declares that the secret of Keldor could destroy him, and hastily summons Ninjor, Scare Glow, and Faker (rather than his usual minions) to attack. Skeletor's forces are beaten, but the heroes are prevented from learning anything about Keldor's fate, "except that Skeletor will do anything to stop the search.

2002 MOTU Mike Young Productions Animated Series Canon:

In the 2002 Masters of the Universe franchise, the character of Keldor is explicitly the man who becomes Skeletor. In The Beginning Part 1 Keldor leads the Evil Warriors in an assault on the Hall of Wisdom, but Randor and the Masters defend the Council of Elders. When Keldor tries to throw a vial of acid at his enemy, Randor shields himself and the corrosive substance lands on Keldor's face instead. As the Evil Warriors retreat, Randor expresses concern for his foe, but no deeper relationship between the two is revealed on-screen.

A flashback sequence in The Price of Deceit reveals that, following his disfigurement, Keldor recognizes his only chance to survive is for Evil-Lyn to take him to the sanctuary of Hordak, where she summons the ancient villain. Keldor begs Hordak to save his life, no matter the cost; in response, Hordak reduces his head to a disembodied skull hovering over his shoulders. Renamed "Skeletor" by his new master, the former Keldor laughs maniacally at his own reflection. Later, in The Power of Grayskull, Hordak attempts to collect on his debt by demanding Skeletor free him from Despondos, but is ultimately denied

2002 MOTU MVCreations Comic Canon:

Filling in some gaps in the backstory presented by the MYP animatedseries, the MVCreations comicsestablished that as Keldor, Skeletorhad recruited many of his EvilWarriors before launching his fateful attack on the Hall of Wisdom.Further, he had traveled intoEternia’s ancient past to

obtain theHavoc Staff from the Faceless Oneand brought the Faceless One’s daughter, Evil-Lyn, forward in time, thoughhe did not raise her and they only met again many years later. A romanticrelationship was implied between Keldor and Evil-Lyn.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

Establishing yet another origin for Skeletor,the Classics canon blended elements fromprevious media with new concepts. PrinceKeldor was the son of King Miro, half brotherof Prince Randor, and rightful heir to thethrone of Eternia, despite his controversialhalf-Gar and half-human heritage. The brothers completed a successful campaign duringthe Great Unrest, but a vengeful CountMarzo banished Miro to Despondos, leavingEternia without a king. The citizens of Eternia, influenced by an outside forceand long-held racism, would not accept the half-Gar prince as their ruler.When Randor found Keldor standing over the murdered form of Randor'smother, the queen, and professing it had been an accident, he banished hisbrother from Eternos.

An outcast, Keldor wandered Eternia, dwelling on his brother’s betrayaland the loss of his birthright. He acquired a double-bladed sword thatcould be split in two and used with one half in each hand. Drawn by a supernatural force, Keldor discovered Hordak's ancient temple, where the spirit of Hordak appeared and of-fered to teach him the dark arts.Although Hordak sent him to obtainthe Havoc Staff from the FacelessOne, Keldor decided its power madehim strong enough to leave Hordak'sservice and shape his own destiny.Keldor and Evil-Lyn, the FacelessOne's adult daughter, met, fell inlove, and were secretly married.After being mortally wounded incombat against his brother, Keldorwas taken by Beast Man and Evil-Lynback to Hordak’s temple. Created bythe Spirit of Hordak, Skeletor wasborn out of a merging of the wounded Prince Keldor and a chaotic demon from Despondos, Demo-Man.

2012 MOTU DC Comics Canon:

The 2012 DC comics provided a variation on the Keldor/Skeletor backstory.The bastard firstborn son of King Miro, Keldor was born on the island of AnwatGarto his Gar mother, Saryn. Keldor grew up in the Royal Palace and becamethe chief adviser to his younger half brother, Randor. During their childhood,the Horde attempted to kidnap Randor, but Keldorthwarted them. Sometimelater he became Hordak’s pupil. As he grew older, he became bitter aboutsociety’s prejudice toward his Gar race, and under the growing influence ofHordak, he believed that he should be the true king of Eternia. Keldor actedas a mentor to his nephew Adam while also manipulating him. Ultimately, lKeldor was mortally wounded when he attempted to take over the kingdom. lHe acquired the blood of Randor and delivered it to Hordak. For this, Hordaksaved Keldor’s life and in the process turned him into Skeletor.


- Brian Dobson voiced Keldor in the 2002 MYP cartoons.


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2002 MOTU MYP Animated Series Appearances:

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ALLEANZA : Evil Warriors
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Island Of Anwat Gar
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Dual-Bladed Swords
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