One of the most intelligent of Skeletor's elite, Tri-Klops is depicted as an inventor, the Evil Warrior's counterpart to the Masters of the Universe's Man-At-Arms. He is tasked with creating the technological weapons and vehicles that Skeletor dreams up in his conquest of Eternia. His most notable invention are his Doomseekers, little silver spy robots which are used to spy on He-Man and the Masters.

While considerably more intelligent than most of Skeletor's minions, Tri-Klops is also one of the most loyal of Skeletor's minions. However, he does finally branch out on his own and attempt to betray Skeletor in the episode Roboto's Gambit, in which he attempts to use his latest invention to take over Eternia for himself after the invention is rejected by Skeletor.

Tri-Klops' chief powers come from his helmet, which is shown to be a cybernetic attachment. With this helmet, Tri-Klops is able to fire his signature optic blasts from each of his eyes. In Rise of the Snake Men, part 1, when the helmet is melted by Kobra Khan's acid spray, it's revealed that his artificial eyes are wired cybernetically into his real eye sockets. It is unknown if Tri-Klops possesses Gammavision (the ability to see through objects) or Nightvision like his Filmation counterpart.

Tri-Klops is also a skilled swordsman, able to momentarily hold his own against He-Man before failing against He-Man's superior strength. In addition to his swordsmanship, Tri-Klops is also a gifted strategist and has matched his own tactics against the Masters' great strategists Man-At-Arms and Roboto.


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Snake Mountain
SESSO : Male
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