Evil Horde Bounty Hunter

Real Name: Scychor

Cy-Chop is a member of the Evil Horde and a menacing Cyborg with deadly scissor hands. His scissor hands are deadly weapons, designed to destroy and kill. It is not confirmed, but believed to of once been a Mutant, from Denebria. He does not have a sold loyalty to Hordak, because for him. only money talks. He has a huge rivalry with Trap Jaw, making his main concern to be a way to settle the score against his former partner. Using his robotic scissor blades, Cy-Chop strikes out, but only for the right price!

History #1 (Official Bio): 

Originally a partner with Kronis, Scychor roamed the galaxy as a mercenary and professional thief. Eventually Kronis betrayed his friend, throwing Scychor from a Boa Jet while escaping from Horde Patrol Units. Falling hundreds of feet to the surface of a small moon, Scychor was healed by rogue scientists by preserving his organs in a robotic chest and his brain in a cyborg skull. After serving the scientists for twenty years, he became a freelance bounty hunter, willing to steal, kill or betray anyone for the right price. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Cy-Chop was hired by Hordak to bolster his forces against the Snake Men and Masters of the Universe. 

Trivia (Clawful94): (April 4, 2013) Cy-Chop is far my favorite figures from the 30th Annaversery figures. Designed by Terry Higuchi. Arch enemy of Trap Jaw, terrifying scissor hands, I think he is just awesome. An origin comic would be cool. It is not confirmed if his scissor hands transform into cybernetic hands. In the new upcoming  DC comic series, I hope he makes some appearences to establish this character's further. 

Dark Horse Mini-Comic Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Cyborgs
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Denebria
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Two Scissor Hands
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