Sword Of Protection

The Sword of Protection is the sword Adora uses to transform into She-Ra, it was given to her by her twin brother Adam while she was still under Hordaks control. It has the power to not only transform Adora into She-ra but also Spirit into Swift-wind. It has a jewel imbedded in the hilt, that was once the Spellstone Of Protection that He-Ro used in his Staff Of Wisdom. The jewel is the key to such powers of the Sword of Protection as Adora's transformation. In addition to being a formidable weapon capable of cutting through most substances or deflecting attacks, the Sword of Protection has the ability to change its shape, a trait not shared by the Sword of Power. She-Ra can change the sword to a variety of weapons or tools through spoken command, varying from a shield or lasso, to a helmet or flaming blade. The Sword was created at the same time the Sword Of Power was created, from the melted Staff Of Wisdom. Veena, the first Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, was the first to wield this sword.

Cartoon Appearances:

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